Theatre Arts

Associate Degree for Transfer - (CSUGE) AA747 (IGETC) AA748
Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts

Theatre is a collective endeavor requiring individual achievement. A single production brings together the skills of playwriters, performers, designers, and experts in scene construction and lighting. Theatre may be the most comprehensive of all the arts, and the most challenging and exciting. While a college degree will not guarantee you a career in theatre, it is the best way to prepare yourself for this highly competitive job market. A college degree with at least one theatre-related internship, experience working in the field along with your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and perseverance will set you apart from others. While many theatre majors proceed to careers in the theatre and associated fields, their study may also lead them to success in such fields as teaching, arts management, public relations, and drama therapy, to name a few. Completion of the Theatre Arts: Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) will prepare you to meet minimum lower division admission requirements (60 transferable units) for transfer to a California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC) system. For transfer to a UC, please consult with a counselor for additional courses t hat may be needed. The Theatre Arts program map below includes all of your major coursework and recommended general education courses by term that is needed to fulfill your degree and transfer requirements. 

Theatre Arts - ADT (CSU and UC)

0-15 units
Fall/Spring Units
Guidance 47 or 48 or Kinesiology 4 or 35 3
Math 11 or 12 4
Communication Studies 9/9H 3
Theatre 25 or 32 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Theatre 3   3
Threatre 5 or 6 - To prepare for auditions and be competitive should take 3 - 4 times 3
16-30 units
Fall/spring Units
English 1A or 1AH 4
Sociology 1/1H or 10 or Psychology 9 3
Political Science 21 3
Theatre 33 or 41 or 44 or 46 or 48 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Theatre 5 or 6 - To prepare for auditions and be competitive should take 3 - 4 times 3
31-45 units
Fall/spring Units
English 1B or 1BH 4
Anthropology 1 3
Theatre 25 or 32 (whichever was not taken in term 1) 3
Theatre 9 (This is for UC transfers only or if CSU Theatre 33 or 41 or 44 or 46 or 48) 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Dance 6/6H or Art 6/6H or Music 19 or 25 or 26 or 89 3
45-60+ units
Fall/spring Units
AHS 4 or FTV 12 or Humanities 5 or 9 or 16 3
Dance Activity 1
Geography 1/1H and 1L 4
History 6/6H or 7/7H or 14 or 15 3
Theatre 33 or 41 or 44 or 46 or 48 3
*LOTE can be met with 2 years of the same language in high school (C or better grade)

For alternative CSU/UC General Education options refer to the RCC Catalog, under Requirements for College Transfer.


Milestones are courses, co-curricular activities and recommendations from your Student Success Team that will keep you on track towards completion of your degree. Check off your milestones as you complete them.
  • Complete English 1A (transfer-level English)
  • Complete transfer-level math (Math 25)
  • Choose area of Emphasis: Acting/Tech/Design
  • Complete a Portfolio and Audition Packages
  • Apply to Universities (CSU/UC application period Oct 1-Nov 30)
  • Apply for ADT degree by beginning of spring term before transfer
  • Complete RCC Graduation application (during your last term)
  • Meet with your Counselor to Complete your Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Complete FAFSA (Oct 1st - Mar 2nd for priority)
  • Meet with Faculty Advisor for career/research opportunities
  • Meet with your Counselor to update SEP (every semester)
  • Meet with your Counselor for pre-graduation check
  • Research Potential Clubs on Campus
  • Audition for Summer Stock/Internships
  • Audition for a production
  • Crew a production
  • Research transfer institutions
  • Attend Transfer workshops and Transfer Fair
  • Participate in an internship/ job shadowing
  • Participate in a research activity (meet with Faculty Advisor)

To prepare for Auditions or Portfolio submissions AND to be competitive in a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) review process, it is advised that you take THE 5 or 6 up to 4 times and complete 1 additional class per term in your selected emphasis from the lists below:

Acting Musical Theatre
* Offered as Certificate
Scenic Design/ Technical Theatre
* Offered as Certificate

THE 26 - Directing For The Stage 

THE 30 - Voice And Movement

THE 32 - Beginning Acting (Games And Exercises)

THE 33 - Scene Study (Creating A Role ) 

THE 34 - Scene Study Various Theatrical Styles 

THE 35 - Shakespeare

THE 36 - Improvisation 

THE 38 - Auditioning For The Stage

THE 39 - Acting For The Camera

THE 29 - Musical Theatre Appreciation 

THE 37 - Musical Theatre

THE 55 - Beginning Musical Theatre 1

 THE 56 - Beginning Musical Theatre 2 

THE 57 - Intermediate Musical Theatre 1

THE 58-  Intermediate Musical Theatre 2 

Dance Activity (Ballet, Tap, Jazz Musical Theatre) 

MUSIC 38/39 - Applied Music Piano

THE 25 - Makeup Design

THE 41 -  Elementary Stagecraft

THE 44 - Theatrical Set Design

THE 46 - Theatrical Costume Design 

THE 48 - Theatrical Lighting Design 

THE 49 - Scenic Painting For The Theatre 

THE 54 - Stage Management


Careers for Theatre Arts Majors

Salaries Range : $36,379 - $93,325

  • Project Manager
  • Actor
  • Audiobook Narrator
  • Production Coordinator 
  • Director
  • Designer
  • Multimedia Specialists
  • Television Executive
  • Professor