A brand is our reputation, the way Riverside City College is perceived by potential students, current and future employees, business partners, alumni, donors, and the community at large.

This purpose of the RCC Brand Identity Guide is to provide guidance on how best to represent the College and its programs consistently and effectively, across all channels, in print and imagery. Through brand consistency we ensure all outputs have a common visual appearance - use of logos, fonts, colors and other visual aspects to ensure the RCC brand is represented in a consistent and recognizable manner.  

The following links provide valuable resources for proper use of the RCC Brand, logos, and services available through the Office of Web and Marketing. 

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The RCC Brand

  1. Identity 
  2. Traits 
  3. Mission, Vision, Values

Purpose of Standards and Guidelines 



  1. Primary
  2. Co-branding 
  3. Monogram
  4. Seal
  5. Athletics
  6. ASRCC

File Formats

Marketing Requests