Riverside City College Brand Guide

RCC RigerA brand is not a logo. It is not a tagline or product. A brand is our reputation, the way Riverside City College is perceived by potential students, current and future employees, business partners, alumni, donors, and the community at large. A brand is one of our most valuable assets; it represents who we are as a college. RCC has a long-established reputation as a leading community college.

We are known for rigorous academics and a commitment to the educational and community values of inclusivity and diversity. These perceptions are central to our brand. As an entity, the perception of Riverside City College is extensive and many-layered, and it includes the college’s history and mission, its values and institutional vision, and its broad community, past and present. It is important to understand that while images like the college wordmark and phrases like “Where Tradition Brightens Tomorrow” represent and support the college brand. The brand is one of our most valuable assets; it represents who we are as a college. It is important that everyone uphold the integrity of the RCC brand.

This Brand Identity Guide is intended to be a roadmap, providing guidance on how best to represent the College and its programs consistently and effectively, across all channels, in print and imagery. This guide is updated and maintained regularly by the College Marketing Resources Committee (MRC) under the direction of the Resource Development and Administrative Services Leadership Council (RDAS) and in coordination with College Business Services. Updates to the guide or issues related to branding that is not covered by the guide should be brought to the attention of MRC for discussion, evaluation, and revision. It is important that everyone upholds the integrity of the RCC brand and follow the standards stated in this brand guide.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Brand Identity

The brand identity is how we want to be viewed. The goal is that everyone across the college ranks conveys the same message about our brand. Improving our brand identity and awareness takes more than just a recognizable logo, we need to communicate our strengths, ultimately building brand loyalty.

Brand Traits

Riverside City College is a distinct part of the city of Riverside and the surrounding community. Capitalizing on the College’s rich history, RCC contributes to the region through education and training, as well as partnerships with local businesses and organizations. When communicating about the College, it is important to remember who we are and what we offer. Brand traits communicate whom we are and  how we want to be perceived:

  • Founded in 1916, one of the oldest community colleges in the state of California
  • Strong sense of Tiger Pride!
  • Welcoming, affordable, accessible, and diverse college
  • Pathways-forward messaging focused on students and the RCC experience.
  • Our theme “Where Tradition Brightens Tomorrow” connects our rich history with a
    vision to the future
  • Top-ranked academic and career education programs
  • Rated one of the top Community Colleges serving Hispanic students

Mission, Vision, and Values

Riverside City College serves a diverse Community of learners by offering certificates, degrees, and transfer programs that help students achieve their educational and career goals. The college strives to improve the social and economic mobility of its students and communities by being ready to meet students where they are, valuing and supporting each student in the successful attainment of their goals and promoting an inclusive, equityfocused environment. 

Riverside City College strives to provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the diverse needs of its students and communities, and empowers both to be active participants in shaping the future.


  • Tradition and Innovation: We work collaboratively to develop flexible and creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our community and embrace change while respecting our tradition and legacy of strong partnerships. Integrity and
  • Transparency: We promote an environment of trust by being honest, fair, transparent, and equitable. We honor our commitments to our students, staff, and communities. Growth and Continual Learning: We commit to intellectual inquiry, reflection, professional development, and growth for all stakeholders. We adjust our teaching practices to provide equitable opportunities and outcomes and to encourage continual learning for our students, faculty, and staff. Equity-
  • Mindedness: We promote social justice and equity. Responsiveness: We respond to the needs of our students and communities through engagement and collaboration. Student Centeredness: We create meaningful learning environments that value the strengths and experiences our students bring and that support students in developing and accomplishing their personal, education, and career goals.