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Primary Logo

RCC Horizontal CMY

RCC Horizontal BLK


RCC Horizontal orange and white


The logo is made up of three components: the lamp of learning coupled with the RCC letters and finally the words Riverside City College underneath with orange lines above and below. The components are always placed together in this manner, placement and positioning of the logo depends on the specific design application.

The name of the college is “Riverside City College” and in all publications, both print and web, it should be referred to as such. Please refrain from branding the college as “Riverside,” Riverside Community College or the Main Campus.

The Riverside City College logo must be presented as is, colors and proportions should never be altered. If a need arises, alterations must be approved by the College’s Marketing department.

The logo should always appear large enough for “Riverside City College” to be legible. The logo should be used in the signature orange, black, and white colors. All logo versions will be available in the approved colors. There are all black and all white versions of the logo for additional use as deemed appropriate with the design.

There are several logo choices and the designer may choose the logo style that fits best into the design.

Co-Brand Logo

Office of the President Office of the President Black Office of the President Orange and White

Administration will approve on a case-by-case basis the use of co branding to use the collegelogo in conjunction with a department or program. The co-branded logo font should never bealtered or changed. The components are always placed in this fixed manner and should never be altered or reproduced. District Graphics will create co-branded logos for each department and program. Requests can be submitted to the College marketing department.

To request a co-branded logo email


RCC Vertical CMY RCC Vertical BLK RCC Vertical orange White

RCC is the iconic mark for Riverside City College. It can be paired with the standard RCC logo. It also can be used on its own for audiences that are familiar with our brand and/or in contexts where the college brand is obvious; examples include posts on social media account pages, large-scale campus space designs, and as a graphic element paired other contextual copy.

College Seal

RCC Seal Seal Blk and Gray RCC Seal White

The RCC seal is to be used for official College branding such as commencement, website, and announcements from the Office of the President. The seal may be reversed when printed on a dark color background and printed as a watermark behind official RCC documents such as transcripts. When screening the seal for a watermark, it cannot be screened back further than 90% of official Riverside City College orange or black. The seal can be foil stamped in silver, gold, or bronze foils or used in blind embossed format. The minimum height when foil stamping is ½ inch.

Athletic Logos

RCC Tiger Master CMY   Tiger only BW Right Athletics
RCC Tiger Master gray new Tiger only black-athletics RCC Tiger Master Black with Monogram

The Left Facing Tiger spirit mark is to be used by the RCC Athletics Department and RCC Athletic teams only. Any exception must be approved by the Athletic Director and Public Affairs Officer.


Tiger Only RCC Tiger Master PMS Tier only BW Right
RCC Tiger BLK Gray Tiger only Black RCC Tiger Master BLK

The Right Facing Tiger spirit mark is to be used by Associated Students of RCC (ASRCC) and Student Activities only. Any exception must be approved by Student Activities and the Public Affairs Officer.