Graphic Standards

These graphic standards and guidelines were created to ensure that RCC, departments, programs, staff, and vendors express college branding effectively across all communications. Our logos serve as a strong visual identity both internally and externally, establishing a basis for consistency and a framework for the integrity of RCC’s graphic identity.

RCC Traits

As an institution with two sister colleges, it is vital that RCC’s brand ties into our history of educational excellence and that it reflects our continued relationship as part of the threecollege system of the Riverside Community College District. A constituent must see consistent usage of the Riverside City College logos so that there is no confusion as to what RCC is: an accredited higher education institution.

Nonconforming Identity Marks

The key to establishing a strong identity and brand is consistency. Communication standards and logos must follow the rules identified in this Brand Identity Guide. Identity standards are designed to help departments and programs by strengthening the College brand. Departments, programs, pathways, and services with nonconforming identity marks were strongly encouraged to transition to the College’s acceptable secondary logos. No new designs that differ from the accepted secondary logos will been created and old logos are to be phased out. RCCD graphic services will only produce communications that fully reflect branding described in this Brand Identity Guide.