Studio Arts

The Art department is proud of its comprehensive program in the visual arts. The diverse offerings include classes in studio fine arts (drawing, design, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture), and in commercial art (illustration and animation). Those who successfully complete the program are awarded an associate degree or a certificate in animation or illustration. Our mission: to prepare RCC graduates to continue their education at a four-year institution, to pursue their own artistic endeavors, or simply to appreciate the power of art in daily life.

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Art 201A

Studio Arts Major Units
Typical Time to Completion
2 years
Program Map

Society has advanced due to our ability to share ideas, thoughts and feelings. From live performance to stories immortalized to work that presents events both concrete and abstract, our students learn how to elevate their expression, and add to the world. Dancers. Filmmakers. Digital designers. Lovers of art. Purveyors of performance. Take a class, earn a certificate (where applicable) or work for your Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) to a California State University or University of California. If you are interested, you can explore other instructional pathways in Fine and Performing Arts.