The Associate in Arts in Dance is designed to prepare students to demonstrate competence and discipline in the study of dance technique, performance, and choreography, and to demonstrate proficiency in group choreography and solo dance skills. Completion of this curriculum will demonstrate commitment to the serious study of Dance in technique and choreography provide comprehensive preperation for upper-division work. Careers for dance graduates typically include performing, teaching, art administration, choreography, dance therapy, health and fitness specialists. 

Program Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students hould be able to: 

  • Examine the intent of dance and movement in cultural, world, classical and modern dance forms. 
  • Demonstrate proper alignment, corporal awareness, weight and direction changes in axial, locomotor, and warm-up exercises. 
  • Demonstrate choreographic principles and spatial design elements. 
  • Develop choreographic improvisational sklls as a soloist and within a group. 
  • Demonstrate mastery of choreographed movement through the rehearsal process. 
Required Courses (24 units)   Units
DAN-6/6H Dance Appreciation/Honors 3
DAN-7 Choreography 2
DAN-8 Composition 2
DAN-9 Dance Making 2
DAN-D8 American College Dance Association Rehearsal & Performance 1
DAN-D10 Dance Performance 3
DAN-D29 Celebrate Dance Rehearsal 2
Electives-List A  Choose from the list below 6
Electives-List B Choose from the list below 3
Electives List A Units
Dan-D21 Ballet, Beginning 1
DAN-D22 Ballet, Intermediate 1
DAN-D23 Ballet, Advanced 1
DAN-D37 Modern Dance, Beginning 1
DAN-D38 Modern Dance, Intermediate 1
DAN-D39 Modern Dance, Advanced 1

*Note: Courses from Electives List A are repeatable up to three times. Courses may be taken more than once to count towards the six units. 

Electives List B (3 units) Units
DAN-D5 Summer Showcase Dance Performance 2
DAN-D13 Dance Repertoire, Modern 1
DAN-D14 Dance Repertoire, Jazz 1
DAN-D15 Dance Repertoire, Ballet 1
DAN-D16 Dance Repertoire, Tap 1
DAN-D17 Dance Repertoire, Ethnic 1
DAN-D20 Introduction to Social Dance 1
DAN-D25 Floor Barre 1
DAN-D26 Mexican Ballet Folklorico 1
DAN-D30A Tango 1
DAN-D30B Swing Dance 1
DAN-D30C Latin Social Dance 1
DAN-D31 Hip Hop Dance, Beginning 1
DAN-31B Hip Hop Dance, Intermediate 1
DAN-D32 Jazz, Beginning 1
DAN-D33 Jazz, Intermediate 1
DAN-D34 Jazz, Advanced 1
DAN-D43 Tap, Beginning 1
DAN-D44 Tap, Intermediate 1
DAN-D47 Pilates, Beginning 1
DAN-D50 Pilates for Dancers 1
DAN-D60 Musical Theatre Dance 1

Associates Degree of Arts

The Associate of Arts Degree in Dance will be awarded upon completion of the degree requirements, including general education and other graduation requirements as described in the college catalog.