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 Welcome to the Associated Students of RCC

 Who We Are:

ASRCC is the official legislative organization that represents the interests of all Riverside City College students using a 3-branch student government model.  The leaders of ASRCC are the official "voice" of influence for the daily life and needs of students. The many facets of ASRCC include:

 What We Do:

Listen to, advocate for, and enrich the experience of RCC students.  This includes hosting campus wide activities; planning, and marketing events through a Public Relations and Design Committee; qualifying for scholarships; representing fellow students on committees and shared governance with faculty, staff and trustees; affecting policies; developing leadership skills; creating awareness; building new, meaningful relationships and much, much, more!

 Why We Are Here:

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to make things better.” Robert F. Kennedy
o cultivate leadership, be the voice for the student body, foster talent, create lifelong friendships, and to make connections that our students will never forget. In short? To make a difference.

 Why Get Involved?
  • Learn and apply leadership skills by getting involved in Student Government or a club

  • Improve your resume and appeal to future employers

  • Qualify for more scholarships

  • Gain community service hours and improve your transfer application

  • Make friends. Network with faculty, staff, administration and fellow students

  • Have fun!

  • Exercise your voice. Make a difference

  • Enjoy discounted goods and services with your student ID; access to resources, study rooms, engagement areas and more!

 Where Do I Go?

With 3 branches of government, over 40 clubs and organizations and 100 events or programs a year, there is plenty to check out!  Explore the ASRCC Webpage for areas you may be interested in. They include:

  • Student Government including theExecutive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.

  • Become an ambassador with the Multicultural Advisory Council (MCAC), a Commissioner on the Board of Commissioners (BOC), represent a club in the Inter-Club Council, become an intern in Media and Design (M&D), a Justice of the Supreme Court, or serve as a Senator.

  • There are over 40 clubs and organizations​​ throughout the year. Active clubs are always listed with meeting times and information. Don't see a club you like? Start one!

  • Check out the calendar for several ASRCC-hosted events through the school year. 

  • Benefits, discounts and resources

Come See us in Person:  

Student Government Center  
Located on 2nd Floor of the Bradshaw Center (above the Cafeteria)  
Student Activities Office 
Located on 2nd Floor of the Bradshaw Center

Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
 Monday through Friday