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Who Cares?
Hundreds of laws are passed into legislation each year that affect us and our families however, statistics show most students are unaware and uninterested on how such laws change our future. For decisions that affected student-related issues like student debt, educational funding and the economy, only 8% of eligible student voter cast their ballot in 2014.   Due to these staggeringly low numbers, the Associated Students of Riverside City College has committed to educating and encouraging students to exercise their voice. 
America’s Democracy needs your participation. Voting is the tool used for representative democracy. Students can affect change in legislation, policies and social services that affect the success of the country and our everyday lives.  
Why leave your future up to someone else to decide? In some local elections, ballot decisions can be decided by a matter of a few votes! That means YOU have the power to make a difference.
Start today in 3 easy steps:
  1. Register
  2. Educate
  3. Vote

Register to Vote

Hurry! The primary is fast approaching.  Deadlines to register are:
February 18, 2020 (for the 2020 Presidential Primaries)

Register online:
register to vote in california

ASRCC is proud to sponsor Mi Familia Vota to help you register in person, on campus, just outside the Quad across from the Library and Parking Structure on these days:
February 24
March 23
April 27
May 25

Hours will be between 10 am and 2 pm on all dates.

 Educate: Where do I get more information?
Where to go on issues and what will be on the ballot:
Candidate Information: https://votesmart.org/ 

Official Voter Guide: https://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/​
Get your questions answered:
Voter Hotline: 1-800-345-VOTE (8683)

Vote: When and Where?

Mark your calendars:
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