Law Society

Name: Laneshia Judon
Phone: (951) 222-8820

Name: Jacqueline James

Name: Izai Martinez


The purpose of this club shall be:

· To promote and enhance the members futures in the legal profession.

· To promote RCC Paralegal/Prelaw program.

· To assist in maintaining the high standards of the paralegal/ prelaw program beyond that which is expected of an ABA approved program.

· To help bolster the public image and acceptability of the paralegal profession.

· To maintain strong public service activities on campus and within the surrounding communities.

· To actively participate in all activities on campus designed and designated for the student body in order to provide a better-quality campus life for all members.​

General Information

Meetings are every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

BE #204​


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