Graphix Club

Name: Patrick Scullin
Phone Number: (951) 222-8583

Name: Kwokwai Siu
Email Address:​
Phone Number: (951) 222-8580

Name: Jacob Ritchey


The purpose of this organization is to provide its members the opportunity of broader insight into the graphic design, multimedia, and printing industry by: sponsoring meetings with guest speakers from the industry, arranging field trips to research graphic and printing establishments, sponsoring student projects of graphic interest, participating in graphic activities and competitions (Skills USA), promoting the RCC Graphics Technology and Multimedia programs, encouraging careers in the graphics industry and developing outstanding portfolios by participating members, promoting community service. It shall also be the purpose of this organization to encourage good fellowship among graphic printing students, RCC Student Body, Faculty and Staff.

General Information

Our meetings are Thursdays at 12:30-1:30 pm, Tech. B, Room 123