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Executive Branch


The Executive Branch is the liaison between ASRCC student members and the administration, staff and faculty of RCC. They advocate and enforce the laws, policies and procedures set forth in the ASRCC Constitution.  The branch consists of your ASRCC President, Vice President, Executive Treasurer, Secretary and Directors of respective committees.


 You might enjoy getting involved with Executive if you:

  • Would like to build prominent leadership skills in application
  • Interested in learning program management
  • Want to plan and  become involved in Multi-Cultural activities
  • Want to handle and allocate over $600,000 in funds
  • Want to be involved in passing legislation
  • Interested in learning and being involved in politics and shared governance




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April 25, 2018

 2018-2019 ASRCC Executive Branch and Committees


Jeanette Hazelwood 

​Jacob Velasquez, ASRCCD Student Trustee

“Hello Tigers! Getting involved and exploring new ventures while at RCC is the most adventurous way to experience the college life. Take it from someone who has always seeked every opportunity possible here at RCC. From being a part of the Marching Tigers to being President of Puente Club, my journey to pursue extracurriculars is neverending. Beinginvolved in ASRCC for the past 2 years has offered an amazing pathway in the betterment of my leadership skills and my sense of community at RCC. As your RCCD Student Trustee my main concern is ensuring all Riverside Community College District students have a voice and a platform at the district wide level. I implore each and every one of you to stray away from your comfort zone, and be involved to better serve our community and most importantly, ourselves. RCC is where our stories begin—let us "embrace the moment!”


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Taylor Abernathy, ASRCC President

Hello! My name is Taylor Abernathy and I am your 2018-2019 Associated Student President. I am pursing an education in Computer Engineering and I hope to transfer to the University of Southern California in the Fall of 2019. Prior to beginning my journey through higher education I served in the United States Coast Guard for six years and I plan to bring some of my skills and experiences acquired there into this organization. Within this next year I hope to begin revitalizing our school campus into a more lively and engaging place. Within this position I also act as the primary voice of the students to the faculty and staff of our college so I would love to talk to all of you to hear about your experiences and struggles as an RCC student. If you are interested in meeting new people, contributing to transforming your school, building onto your work experience for a résumé, and expanding upon your university transfer application, joining ASRCC may be a great fit for you!





Andrew Rivera, ASRCC Vice President

Hello fellow Tigers!  My name is Andrew Rivera and I am your ASRCC Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year.  I have been a part of ASRCC for the past three years where I served as a member of the Campus Activities Council and later as ASRCC Campus Activities Director. As your Vice President, I will make sure that we are working toward alleviating problems on campus and as the Chief Legislative Officer, I will ensure that funds are being allocated effectively and efficiently. I will also make sure I represent the 18,000 student here at Riverside City College with professionalism and integrity. My door is always open to any students with concerns or issues on campus. Have a great year at Riverside City College!

Javier Lopez-Treasurer

My name Javier Lopez, I was born in Gilroy, California and raised in Riverside, and I am  currently serving as this year’s Executive Treasurer. I have aspirations of one day owning my own business, so I am currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration. I hope to transfer to either UCLA or UCR to get my MA in Business Administration. I have been attending RCC for three years now and have absolutely loved every moment at the college. I have been part of the varsity tennis team and have been involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Club, in which they host a wide variety of events for student athletes. This is my first year participating in ASRCC, but I have quite a lot of experience with student leadership, as I was Student Body President at Rubidoux High School for two years. With my free time, I love to watch and play soccer. I hope to serve our student body with respect and I will always be at the service of the students and staff members.​ 

Nathaniel Dominguez-Special Events Coordinator​

Hello!  My name is Nathaniel Dominguez, I am the Special Events Coordinator for ASCC this academic school year.  My goal  is to work closely with the Executive and other Branches to create the fun atmosphere on campus!  I aspire for progress and wish for ASRCC to serve the students and continually provide changes that students seek and need. I have been active in many community service programs throughout the city. I am a Fine & Performing Arts Student here at the college and hope to transfer and acquire a degree in Lighting-Technical Design. I work in Entertainment, which means I enjoy to serve the people.  I work closely with the community with organizations such as; Riverside Lyric Opera, Plantation Productions, and the Morongo Resort. I look forward to helping the student body in anyway I can.​


Tristin Morales-Public Relations Director

Hello my name is Tristin Morales. I began Riverside City College in 2015 and this is my last year here before I get my Associates in Applied Digital Media and Printing. After graduating I plan on coming back to RCC to get my transfer units for Business and Marketing and try to transfer to UCR or Long Beach for Business. I was part of ASRCC since 2017 as a member in Public Relations and this year, I have the honor of being one of the Public Relations Directors for the 2018- 2019 semester.




Oscar Pizano-Public Relations Director​|

My name is Oscar Pizano, I am originally from Los Angeles, California and lived there for about my first 11 years then moved to Moreno Valley. I began College in 2016 and this is my 3rd year here at Riverside City College and is currently a communication major. I am also part of ASRCC here on campus as a Public Relations Director. My ultimate career goal is to be an international commercial pilot for Qantas Airways. ( Los Angeles to Sydney route) On my free time, I combine both hobbies so essentially I go exploring whether it would be within the back streets of Riverside to find a good photo view or around Southern California for car meets and  taking a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway  to Oceanside.  The best feeling in the world is the freedom to choose where you want to go and I embrace that. I also love all types of music but specifically: reggaeton, Banda, Rap, Mellow and Chill, as well as the late 2000's. 


Bryan Colon-Campus Activities Council Director

Hello ! I am the Campus Activities Director here at Riverside City College. This is my 3rd year in CAC and my 2nd year as director. I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Psychology in hopes of transferring to a 4-year university. CAC is the event planning branch within ASRCC. My members and I are in charge of making this campus a fun and inviting environment for our students. I genuinely enjoy planning events and interacting with the students at RCC. I have a passion for leadership and I strive to make RCC an enjoyable and engaging place. I am excited for the 2018-2019 school year and I hope to see you all at our events !​


Yamina Inzunza -Campus Activities Council Director​

Hello! I am Yamina Inzunza the Council Activity Director at Riverside City College. This is my first year being involved in ASRCC. I have been involved in the Guardian Scholars program here for two years. Currently pursuing a degree in Communications and Dance. I am extremely passionate on foster care advocacy and helping non profit organizations. I have been involved in many community planning events outside of RCC. I am very excited to see what will come to fruition this upcoming year. I believe that with a creative mind, hard work and perserverent energy, anything is attainable.

Angel Contreras, Inter-Club Council Director​ 

Hello my fellow companions. My name is Angel Contreras and I am the new Inter-Club Council Director this 2018-2019 academic school year. I joined the Riverside City College campus after graduating High School in 2017. This will be my second and maybe my last year at RCCdepending if I can be eligible to Graduate at the end of Spring 2019. I am majoring in CriminalJustice as a Minor and planning to major in Biology or sciences to become a Physician's Assistant or Doctor. I play Football for Riverside City College and fill a Leadership Position for ASRCC. When I first got to this campus I wanted to make a difference and have a voice oncampus. Then I heard about ASRCC but thinking it was like High School ASB. I was totally wrong. It was much bigger and better and I met some amazing people plus got to grow from a kid to an adult by progressing my level of membership as well. For example I went from being a member my first year to becoming a Director my second year and I keep Rising. Eventually Student Government became my home and that’s what I want for future students of RCC to have. To find a place where they feel like they belong. Whether it's in ASRCC or in a club. For them to have the best college experience and I feel that if we inform them of all the great clubs on campus, they will feel more at home. I would also want the students of RCC to trust ASRCC to be there for them whenever they need. Like I say to many people, F.E.A.R has two meanings.They can Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. 
The Choice is yours. 
Inter-Club Council Committee
The purpose ICC is to foster communication between clubs, to promote cooperation and organization between the clubs, to promote joint participation in each other’s activities and to provide support for clubs in respect to any financial assistance or grievances when presenting such matters to the ASRCC Senate. 



Campus Activities Council (CAC)
 The Campus Activities Council (CAC) is a group that focuses on the events that are done by ASRCC. We want to do fun and educational events for all of the students on campus. We will be doing some interactive activities throughout the year so it would be great if you (the students) would like to participate. I am extremely excited for this upcoming year and hoping that all of you will joins us on our events for this year! A little about me; this will be my second year in RCC, my major is Law, and I enjoy dancing and playing tennis. I am also very friendly and love to smile, so my advice to you is let go of the anger and learn from those situations. After all, these are our college years and they need to be productive along with fun. This is why I will do my best to make all of our events as fun and educational as possible. If you would like to be a part of the CAC team please feel free to join us at our meetings.