Executive Branch

Legislative Branch (Senate)

Judicial Branch (Supreme Court)

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Executive Branch


The Executive Branch​ is the liaison between ASRCC student members and the administration, staff and faculty of RCC. They advocate and enforce the laws, policies and procedures set forth in the ASRCC Constitution.  The branch consists of your ASRCC President, Vice President, Executive Treasurer, Secretary and Directors of respective committees. 


 You might enjoy getting involved with Executive if you:

  • Would like to build prominent leadership skills in application
  • Interested in learning program management
  • Want to plan and  become involved in Multi-Cultural activities
  • Want to handle and allocate over $600,000 in funds
  • Want to be involved in passing legislation
  • Interested in learning and being involved in politics and shared governance





 2019-2020 ASRCC Executive Branch​



Angel Contreras


It is such an honor to see so many new students become part of the Tiger family. My name is Angel Contreras and I am your Student Body President for this 2019-2020 Academic School year.  This is my third year at RCC and I recently changed my major from Criminal Justice to Biology. My career goal is to be a pediatric/adult medicine physician for Riverside. As ASRCC President, I want to personally say Welcome to RCC and would love to applaud you all for choosing RCC to pursue your higher educational journey. Being a Tiger here at RCC is a memorable experience. It also opens a new era in your life that will help contribute and guide you towards your goal for success. As well as the opportunity to meet new people and create that bond. Within this next academic year, I want to try and understand what the students' problems, concerns, ideas, and suggestions are on campus from their perspective so that I can take them into consideration when revitalizing our school campus into a more outgoing and civilized venue. I also get along with everyone that crosses my way because I am an extravert. Being such a sociable person can help me connect closer with the students and understand what needs to be done. Only because I believe that if we take into consideration the students input, then can we make a change. It’s not what we as leaders want, it’s what the students want that can make campus a better place. ​

Vice Presi​​den​t 

Cassandra Sanchez

Hello Tigers! My name is Cassandra Sanchez and I have the pleasure of representing the students at RCC as your ASRCC Vice President for this academic school year of 2019-2020. I am a communications major and in hopes to transfer to a four year institute in fall 2020. As a returning student in pursuing a higher education, I have met some very inspiring people and it has contributed tremendously to my college experience. One of my biggest passions is to help and inspire people. Experiencing the diversity in this campus has made me realize that it is crucial to advocate the needs and concerns of ALL students at Riverside City College. Every student’s voice is impactful and deserves to be heard. That is why it is a privilege to be advocating for you as your Vice President and Chief Legislative Officer.​


Gerardo Chavez


Welcome to RCC! My name is Gerardo. I'm thrilled to be able to serve our student body as Secretary! As a student, I understand the importance of a fun campus enviroment as well as knowing our voices are not just being heard but taken into account by the school's administrators and student government hence why I joined ASRCC; advocate our needs and rights as students. It is my mission to serve the student body by providing organization and structure to the administration of ASRCC, also well representing our school outside of campus. Joining student government is one of the best decisions of my college experience; I invite you to become part ASRCC, we need you! I truly wish you a successful and fun academic year! Go Tigers!


Corey Wilson

Hello fellow RCC student. My name is Corey Wilson, the 2019-2020 Executive Treasurer. I am a second year student at RCC. My current major is Culinology which is a combination of food science major. I was born in Fontana, CA but not raised here. My favorite part of RCC is probably marching band because of how good they are during the football games. I have been involved in ASRCC for a year but this year will be my second year. During my first year of ASRCC, I was the Campus Activities Council. As treasurer this year, I look forward to woking with everyone that I meet on my path.

Campus Activities Director 

Nensi Castaneda


Hi my name is Nensi Castaneda. My    ​hometown is Riverside, and I am a pre nursing student at RCC. I’ve been in ASRCC for over a year now. However, this new school year I will be holding the position of CAC director. I believe one of the best part of RCC are the many resources offered for students, there is help for anyone on campus. ASRCC has helped me evolve to the person I am today. Instead of being just a student who attends class, I am also a student who is able to serve others through many fun activities. I believe that becoming involved on campus, specifically in ASRCC enhances your college experience. You get to meet new people all around campus l, and honestly it feels great. 


Campus Activities Director 

Nadieh Mohammad

Hello! My name is Nadieh Mohammad, a student here at RCC. I am currently majoring in Graphic Design and hope to transfer to a CalState soon. I live close, m​y hometown is in Reche Canyon, not so far, only a 10 minute drive. My favorite part of RCC are the unique students you meet and favorite place is the Quad because most of my classes are there. Also, th​e Q​uad is the center of the school so it's a special place to hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenerey. I would love if students could join my council because you guys get to decide how you want to enjoy your college life here at RCC. I hope to strive for the best, so why shouldn't you.​


Inter Club  Director 

Jennifer Castro

Jennifer Castro.jpg

Greetings! My name is Jennifer Castro and I am the Co-Inter-Club Council Director for this 2019-2020 academic school year of Riverside City College. This will be my third year attending RCC while majoring in Computer Science so that I may transfer to a four year university. While I was a liaison working with the clubs under ICC, I was able to meet a variey of people an how they all inter​acted with each other and the community. With this in mind, I anticipate the moments where ASRCC can further enrish the experience that the students of RCC have the opportunity to participate in. I am very thrileed to be ale to aid students in their school life.


Inter Club  Director 

Eliezer 'Eli' Martinez

Greetings fellow Tigers! My name is Eli Martinez and I am your new Inter Club Council Director for ASRCC 2019/2020 academic year. I am working towards an ADT in Communication Studies/Social & Behavioral Sciece and am planning to transfer out to major in Media Studies ​at UC Berkeley/Uc Irvine or Sociology /American Lit. & Cul. at UCLA; I am also currently a scholar for the Center for Community College Partnerships at UCLA. I currently work in the counseling department and am the educational assistant for the communication department here at RCC; I am a part of the Honors program and have a passion for the arts, specially spoken word. Personally, I am excited to be able to work with all of our marvelous clubs on campus to create a welcoming enviroment for all who are a part of a club or who would like to be a part of one. My vision for this academic year is two-fold: not only do I want to increase membership and rentention within our clubs to be able to be a second home for all students or in the least place where like-minded individuals can improve themselves and their communities. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have when you see me around or share any ideas that you feel would help improve our experience here ar an RCC Tiger.


Public Relations Director 

Chelsea Buchanan 


Public Relations Director 

Jessica Meza

My name is Jessica and this is my third year being a part of ASRCC. I'm a film major, my goal is to gain experience and start working on sets soon. My first year at RCC I was in PR, my second year I joined CAC, and for my last year, I decided that I wanted more responsibility so I applied for a P​​R director.​ ​​

Special Events Director

Albert Jaramillo

 IMG_0023 (1).JPG


Hello everyone, my name is Albert Jaramillo. I am currently pursuing my Associates Degree in Welding Technologies. I am on track to graduate from RCC in June 2020, and plan to transfer to a UC to pursue my Bachelors in Business. Prior to starting my path in higher education, I served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. I am excited to share the leadership traits that I have learned in the Marine​ Corps with the students and staff here at RCC.

My goal, as Special Events Council Director, is to work with all ASRCC directors, staff and students to plan and execute a variety of events here on campus that will make your college experience a memorable one. I plan on accomplishing this by hosting events for ​​Riverside City College students and for the public, which are fun and interactive.

Multi-Cultural Activities Director 

Mariah Green


My name is Mariah Green and I am a Studio Arts Major. I look forward to transferring to the University of Riverside as a Curatorial and Arts major.

Currently I am one of the Multicultural Activities directors, and our mission is to showcase and highlight the diversity at Riverside City College. We want to celebrate the cultures that reflect our school and community.

Something I appreciate about Riverside City College are the programs on campus that assist students. I am in the Ujima Program and there I find community, academic help, and life assistance. I enjoy Riverside and the career resources I find here. Riverside City College is a great school with great faculty and staff that help connect me to my future goals. I am proud to be a Tiger.​​


Multi-Cultural Activities Director 

Morgan Johnson


Hello my name is Morgan Johnson, I am 27 years old, Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. I am a returning student looking to transfer to a 4 year. My goal as your Muti-cultural Director is to make sure our that our campus is culturally diverse. Creating a comforting space for all students of every culture.  This is done by creating different fun cultural events and activities here at Riverside City College.



Inter-Club Council Committee
The purpose ICC is to foster communication between clubs, to promote cooperation and organization between the clubs, to promote joint participation in each other’s activities and to provide support for clubs in respect to any financial assistance or grievances when presenting such matters to the ASRCC Senate. 



Campus Activities Council (CAC)
 The Campus Activities Council (CAC) is a group that focuses on the events that are done by ASRCC. We want to do fun and educational events for all of the students on campus. We will be doing some interactive activities throughout the year so it would be great if you (the students) would like to participate. I am extremely excited for this upcoming year and hoping that all of you will joins us on our events for this year! A little about me; this will be my second year in RCC, my major is Law, and I enjoy dancing and playing tennis. I am also very friendly and love to smile, so my advice to you is let go of the anger and learn from those situations. After all, these are our college years and they need to be productive along with fun. This is why I will do my best to make all of our events as fun and educational as possible. If you would like to be a part of the CAC team please feel free to join us at our meetings.