Education Paraprofessional​

Prepare to assist a teacher in regular classroom settings or in providing instruction and supervision to special student populations, such as bilingual/bicultural students, special education students, adult learners, and students learning English. This includes instruction in techniques of general classroom supervision, maintaining order, assisting with lessons, and carrying out related assignments.

Education, Human Development and Special Needs

The Associate of Arts in Education, Human Development and Special Needs provides an introduction to issues, policies, and practices of education, with emphasis on special education. You will build a foundation appropriate for entry into advanced study in education, including educational research, educational advocacy, public policy, and/or teacher preparation.

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Education Paraprofessional​
Major Units
Typical Time to Completion
1 year
Program Requirements
Education, Human Development and Special Needs
Major Units
Typical Time to Completion
2 years
Program Map

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