Education, Human Development & Special Needs

The Associate of Arts in Education, Human Development and Special Needs offers lower division coursework that provides an introduction to issues, policies, and practices of education, with an emphasis on special education. Students will build a foundation appropriate for entry into advanced study in education, including educational research, educational advocacy, public policy, and/or teacher preparation. The students also have the opportunity to participate in supervised fieldwork in K-8 settings.

This degree is designed to facilitate students transferring to the University of California, Riverside with an Associate Degree in Education, Human Development & Special Needs. With this degree, the student will be prepared to enter into the Education, Society and Human Development BA program. In this program, students are able to follow a general plan; specialize in Community Leadership, Policy, and Social Justice; or develop their own custom program of study. 

0-15 units
Fall/Spring Units
English 1A/ 1AH 4
Math 12/ 12H or 25 or 26 or Psychology 48 or Sociology 48  3-4
Early Childhood Studies 20 3
Education 10 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Early Childhood Studies 40 3
16-30 units
Fall/Spring Units
Education 1 4
Early Childhood Education 19 3
English 1B/ 1BH 4
Geography 1/ 1H 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Early Childhood Studies 47 3
History 1 or 2 3
31-45 units
Fall/Spring Units
Biology 1/ 1H 4
Communication Studies 1/ 1H 3
Early Childhood Education 43 3
Sociology 10 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
History 1 3
46-60+ units
Fall/Spring Units
Dance 6 or Art 6/ 6H 3
Humanities 16 3
Music 89 3
Political Science 1/ 1H 3
For IGETC you must have two years of foreign language in high school with C or better or take American Sign Language 1 or Spanish 1/ 1H at RCC and must take Math other than Math 26

For alternative CSU/UC General Education options refer to the RCC Catalog, under Requirements for College Transfer.