Child and Adolescent Development for Transfer

Associate Degree for Transfer - (CSUGE) AA885 (IGETC) AA886
Child and Adolescent Development

Child and Adolescent Development for Transfer

The Associate in Arts in Child and Adolescent Development for Transfer (AA-T) offers lower division coursework examining classical and contemporary research that promotes positive developmental outcomes spanning conception though emerging adulthood.  This option of study is intended for students who aspire to careers in developmental research, public policy, social work, school psychology, and similar fields.  This degree is designed to facilitate the students to transfer to the California State University System with an Associate Degree in Child and Adolescent Development. 

This degree will satisfy the lower division requirements for the eventual conferral of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Child and Adolescent Development; Human Development (Adolescent Option, Childhood Option, Children’s Services); or a major deemed similar at a CSU campus.   Students who complete the Child and Adolescent Development AA-T degree and choose to take other Early Childhood Education coursework as their electives will also be able to qualify for employment in the field of early childhood education, as well as earn a Child Development Permit issued by the CA State Commission of Teacher Credentialing.  

Child and Adolescent Development - ADT (CSU and UC)

0-15 units
Fall/Spring Units
English 1A/ 1AH  4
Early Childhood Studies 20 3
Math 12/ 12H or Psychology 48 or Sociology 48 4
Sociology 1/ 1H 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
American Sign Language 1 or Spanish 1 4-5
16-30 units
Fall/spring Units
Communication Studies 2 or 3 or English 1B/ 1BH
If following IGETC take English 1B/ 1BH
Early Childhood Education 42 3
Geography 1/ 1L or Geology 1/ 1L 3
History 6/ 6H or 7/ 7H 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Biology 1 3
31-45 units
Fall/spring Units
Anthropology 1/ 1H 4
Commincation Studies 1/ 1H or 6 or 9/ 9H 3
Ethnic Studies 1 or 3 or 7 or 8
If following IGETC take Ethnic Studies 14 or 15 or 44 or History 14 or 15 or 44
Early Childhood Education 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Psychology 1 3
45-60+ units
Fall/spring Units
Communication Studies 7 or 11 or Music 89
If following IGETC take Music 89)
Dance 6 or Art 6/ 6H 3
Early Childhood Studies 24 or 25 or 33 or 34 or 43 3
Political Science 1/ 1H or 21 4-5
*LOTE can be met with 2 years of the same language in high school (C or better grade)

For alternative CSU/UC General Education options refer to the RCC Catalog, under Requirements for College Transfer.


Milestones are courses, co-curricular activities and recommendations from your Student Success Team that will keep you on track towards completion of your degree. Check off your milestones as you complete them.
  • Complete English 1A (transfer-level English)
  • Complete Math 12 or Psy/Soc 48(transfer-level math)
  • Complete 2 ECE Core courses within the first year
  • Apply to Universities (CSU/UC application period Oct 1-Nov 30)
  • Apply for ADT degree by beginning of spring term before transfer
  • Complete RCC Graduation application (during your last term)
  • Meet with your Counselor to Complete your Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Complete FAFSA (Oct 1st - Mar 2nd for priority)
  • Meet with Faculty Advisor for career/research opportunities
  • Meet with your Counselor to update SEP (every semester)
  • Meet with your Counselor for pre-graduation check
  • Research Potential Clubs on Campus
  • Participate in tutoring, student success workshops or supplemental instruction
  • Visit the Career Center for Internship opportunities
  • Research transfer institutions
  • Attend Transfer workshops and Transfer Fair
  • Participate in an internship/ job shadowing
  • Participate in a research activity (meet with Faculty Advisor)

Careers for Child and Adolescent Development Majors

Salaries Range : $41,381 - $97,398

  • Child, Family and School Social Worker
  • Social and Human Service Assistant
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Occupational Therapy Aide