Global Enterprise Concentration

This program focuses on the study of business in the global setting. Individuals seeking to own a small business (online or offline) or work at a company of any size, all benefit from the knowledge of global business as business of all capacity engage in global business today. The program prepares individual with knowledge of how to participate and succeed in global business, market to consumers outside of the U.S., manage a global workforce, and participate in the growing business of global trade.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Explain the role of global business as integral function in the global economy.
  • Analyze the functions of global marketing, global management, and global trade as they pertain to the basis of global business.
  • Apply marketing, management, trade and general business practices within the global framework reflecting differences in country specific political, economic, legal, social, competitive, and other business environments.
  • Demonstrate the importance, responsibility, and contribution to the growth of global economy and sustainability.

Total unit requirements for this concentration - 30 units:

  • Major Core Requirements: 18 units
  • Concentration Requirements: 12 units
Required Courses (18 units) Units
ACC-1A Principles of Accounting  3
BUS-10/10H Introduction to Business/Honors 3
BUS-18A Business Law I  3




Management Communications 


Business Communication 






Introduction to Computer Information Systems

Computer Applications
for Business