Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing program develops skills for the occupations of cloud architect and cloud technician using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading cloud computing provider. The program bridges traditional onpremises data center skills of server installation, database management, and networking set-up and cabling into virtualizations of these information and computing technologies over online services. Job preparation will include industry certifications of AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect Associate mapped to course work.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Ability to design Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions by provisioning computing instances, establishing virtual private networks, managing databases and storage within a secure online environment.
  • Ability to analyze performance metrics of a cloud architecture to respond dynamically to information and computing technology workloads and optimize service costs.
  • Ability to collaborate in a team designing business solutions in an industry aligned project.
  • Describe security best practices employed with AWS applications.
  • Implement customer best practices security controls for Infrastructure Services, Container Services, and for Abstract Services of the Shared Responsibility Model.
  • Access and navigate AWS Management Console. Access the Security Services Category and retrieve database credentials and API keys.
  • Create, manage, and deploy public and private Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates for use with AWS services and internal connected resources.
  • Use Event Log Analyzer to collect and analyze AWS EC2 Windows instance log in a centralized location.
  • Understand the difference between AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations. 
Required Courses (23 units) Units
CIS-49A AWS Academy Cloud Foundations 4
CIS-49B AWS Academy Cloud Architecting 4
CIS-25 Information and Communication Technology Essentials 4
CIS-26A Cisco Networking Academy 1A 4
CIS-26B Cisco Networking Academy 1B 4
Electives   3
Select another (3 units) from the following Units
CIS-21A Linux Operating System Administration 3
CIS-12 PHP Dynamic Web Site Programming 3

This Program Pathway will allow a full-time student to complete this program in 12-18 months. For students who require a part time pathway, please see a counselor for more information.