Cosmetology Concepts

This program prepares individuals to provide professional cosmetic services in salons, resorts, casinos, dermatologist’s offices and other related industry establishments. This includes courses in hair design, hair sculpting, chemical, esthetic and other cosmetic services, safety and sanitation, management, customer service, and preparation for practicing as licensed cosmetologist in the state of California. Courses in applicable professional labor laws and regulations in the cosmetology industry, physiology, anatomy, electricity and ergonomics are also covered in depth. Emphasis is placed on passing state licensing exam and industry entry skills

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Deduce valid conclusions, compare viable techniques and apply principles in preparation of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology practical and written exam.
  • Identify and analyze concepts leading to synthesis of theory for the state board written exam. Produce a business plan and portfolio.
  • Demonstrate entry level skills in a clinic laboratory setting.
  • Demonstrate workplace behaviors (soft skills) necessary for success in the cosmetology industry
Required Courses (53-70 units) Units
COS-1A Introduction to Cosmetology Level I 3
COS-1B Introduction to Cosmetology Level II 3
COS-1C Cosmetology Business Concepts 1
COS-10A Level I Hairstyling Concepts 3
COS-10B Level II Hairstyling Concepts 3
COS-10C Level III Hairstyling Concepts 2
COS-20A Level I Chemical Texture Concepts 3
COS-20B Level II Chemical Texture Concepts 3
COS-30A Level I Haircutting Concepts 2
COS-30B Level II Haircutting Concepts 2
COS-30C Level III Haircutting Concepts 1.5
COS-40A Level I Haircoloring and Bleaching Concepts 3
COS-40B Level II Haircoloring and Bleaching Concepts 3
COS-57A Level I Skin Care Concepts 2.5
COS-57B Level II Skin Care Concepts 2
COS-70A Level I Makeup and Hair removal Concepts 3
COS-80A Level I Nail Care Concepts 2
COS-80B Level II Nail Care Concepts 3
COS-90A Level I Clinic Floor Concepts 1-8
COS-90B Level II Clinic Floor Concepts 2-8
COS-90C Level III Clinic Floor Concepts 4-8
COS-97A Cosmetology Theory Exam Readiness Concepts 0.5
COS-97B Cosmetology Practical Exam Readiness Concepts 0.5

This Program Pathway will allow a full-time student to complete this program in 24-36 months. For students who require a part time pathway, please see a counselor for more information.