Board Policy 2100
AP 2100
Education Code Section 70902(b)(3);
Title 5 Sections 55060, 55063-55064, and 53200(b)

The Colleges grant the degrees of Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and degrees for college transfer to those students who have completed the subject requirements for graduation and who have maintained a 2.0 grade point average in subjects attempted. Students must also complete the general education residency and competency requirements set forth in Title 5 regulations.

Students may be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and participate in a graduation ceremony upon successful completion of a minimum of 16 or more semester units of degree-applicable coursework designed as a pattern of learning experiences to develop certain capabilities that may be oriented to career or general education.

The Chancellor shall establish procedures to determine degree and certificate requirements. The procedures shall assure that graduation requirements are published in each college's catalog and included in other resources that are convenient for students.

For the Associate in Arts or Science degree, a student must demonstrate competence in reading, in written expression, and in mathematics.

The student must satisfactorily complete at least 60 semester units of college work of which 18 semester units are a major or area of emphasis or career-technical program.

A definition of “college work” which provides that courses acceptable toward the associate degree include those which have been properly approved pursuant to Title 5 Section 55002(a) or, if completed at other than a California community college, would reasonably be expected to meet the standards of that Title 5 section.

The work must include at least 12 semester units of study in residence; exceptions to the residence requirement can be made by the Board of Trustees when an injustice or undue hardship would result.

The general education requirements must include a minimum of work in the natural sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and language and rationality.

A student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in coursework taken at Riverside Community College District. If coursework taken at one or more accredited colleges is used to satisfy degree requirements, the overall cumulative grade point average must be at least 2.0 and will be determined by an aggregation of all grades from all transcripts used. If coursework is applied towards degree requirements from an institution using a "+/-" grading scale, the original grade points assigned by that institution as indicated on the transcript will be used to calculate the cumulative grade point average.

Students who have been awarded a bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited institution in the United States will be exempt from the general education requirements should they pursue an Associate of Arts or Science degree at one of the District's colleges.

Students may petition to have non-credit courses counted toward the satisfaction of requirements for an associate degree.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures regarding general education and degree requirements must be published in the College's catalogs and must be filed with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

For a Certificate of Achievement, a student must successfully complete a course of study or curriculum that consists of 16 or more semester units of degree-applicable credit coursework. The certificate of achievement shall be designed to demonstrate that the student has completed coursework and developed capabilities relating to career or general education.

Shorter credit programs and non-credit programs that lead to a certificate may be established by the District.

Content and assessment standards for certificates shall ensure that certificate programs are consistent with the mission of the District, meet a demonstrated need, are feasible and adhere to guidelines on academic achievement.

Certificates for which the State Chancellor’s approval is not sought may be given any name or designation deemed appropriate except for Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Competency.

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