The Enterprise Communication Certificate enables students to develop strategic communication techniques and skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Students will demonstrate oral and written workplace communication skills, including learning constructive business writing concepts. This certificate is also a gateway into other noncredit and credit programs.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Describe and apply different strategic communication techniques to a workplace scenario.
  • Identify your professional EI strengths and limitations. Develop a plan using behavioral techniques to increase your EI competencies.
  • Apply business writing concepts to writing letters and emails using complete sentences with sentence variety, clarity with pronouns, proper punctuation, paragraphing and clear organization of ideas.
Required Courses (48 hours) Hours
PDS-809 Business Writing in a Technological World 12
PDS-812 Workplace Communication Strategies 12
Electives Choose from the list below 24
Electives (24 hours) Hours
PDS-805 Difficult Conversations 12
PDS-806 The Art of Negotiating and Collaborating 12
PDS-807 Personality Styles and Difficult Relationships 12
PDS-813 Best Practices in Customer Service 12