This program prepares individuals to assist a teacher in regular classroom settings or in providing instruction and supervision to special student populations, such as bilingual/bicultural students, special education students, adult learners, and students learning English. This includes instruction in techniques of general classroom supervision, maintaining order, assisting with lessons, and carrying out related assignments.

Required Courses (25-27 units) Units
EDU-1 Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching 4
COM-1/1H Public Speaking 3
COM-9/9H Interpersonal Communication 3
EAR-20 Child Growth and Development  3
ENG-1A/1AH English Composition 4
ENG-50 Basic English Composition  4
HIS-6/6H United States History to 1877/Honors 3
HIS-7*/7H* United States History from 1865/Honors 3
Electives Choose from the list below 8-10
Electives (8-10 units)  Units
EAR-26 Health, Safety and Nutrition  3
ENG-30 Children’s Literature  3
KIN-30 First Aid and CPR 3
SPA-3N Spanish for Spanish Speakers 5

Associate of Science Degree
The Associate of Science Degree in Education Paraprofessional will be awarded upon completion of the degree requirements, including general education and other graduation requirements as described in the college catalog.