This certificate may lead to employment competency but does not lead to an Associate degree.

Completion of this certificate provides the student with a minimum entry level skill set employed in creating C++ applications. 

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Create structured and Object Oriented Programs in in C++ for business, gaming, and STEM projects by identifying the information input requirements, synthesizing the algorithmic steps needed to transform the data into the required output format, then organize the results to facilitate user communication.
  • Using C++ libraries create and projects that incorporate the following:
    • Multiprocessors
    • Multimedia
    • ODBC
    • SQL
    • Establish client/server relationship
  • Using C++ libraries to create projects that incorporate STL, GUI, and user defined data structures. 
Required Courses (13 units) Units
CIS/CSC-5 Programming Concepts and Methodology I: C++ 4
CIS/CSC-17A Programming Concepts and Methodology II: C++ 3
CIS/CSC-17B C++ Programming: Advanced Objects 3
CIS/CSC-17C C++ Programming: Data Structures  3