This certificate may lead to employment competency but does not lead to an Associate degree.

This certificate is designed to offer a basic pattern of course work that will prepare the participant to enter the professional field of crime scene investigation and forensic science at the assistant level. The successful participant will gain sufficient skills and understanding of the criminal investigative procedure to assist professional Forensic Identification Technicians, within the criminal justice system, to properly gather, analyze, prepare, and present crime scene evidence. 

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the principle components of criminal law and the criminal justice system.
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the procedures and process of collecting, preserving, and cataloging physical evidence from a crime scene.
  • Demonstrate an advanced ability to use computer technology to report the collection, preservation, and presentation of crime scene evidence. 
Required Courses (15 units) Units
ADJ-2 Principles and Procedures of the Justice System 3
ADJ-3 Concepts of Criminal Law 3
ADJ-13 Criminal Investigation 3
ADJ-14 Advanced Criminal Investigation 3
ANT-10 Forensic Anthropology 3