NON-CREDIT CERTIFICATES Certificate of Completion Certificate of Competency Moreno Valley Norco Riverside
English As A Second Language
Advanced American College English Yes MCC8027* NCC8027* CC8027*
Beginning American College English Yes MCC8028* NCC8028* CC8028*
Introduction to Basic Computer and IT Careers for ESL Students Yes MCC8034* CC8034*
Introduction to Education Professional for ESL Students Yes MCC8007*
Non-credit - Entrepreneurial Essentials Yes MCC8035* NCC8035* CC8035*
Non-credit -Entrepreneurial Foundations Yes MCC8036* NCC8036* CC8036*
Non-credit -Entrepreneurship and the Team Yes MCC8037* NCC8037* CC8037*
Social Media for Business Yes MCC8011* NCC8011* CC8011*
College Career Readiness and Student Educational Planning Yes MCC8020 CC8020
College Student Success Yes MCC8021 CC8021
Manufacturing Technology
Computerized Numerical Control Operator Yes NCC8019
Industrial Automation Yes NCC8039
Professional Development Studies
Customer Relations Yes MCC8012* NCC8012* CC8012*
Emerging Leaders Yes MCC8013* NCC8013* CC8013*
Enterprise Communication Yes MCC8014* NCC8014* CC8014*
Financial Literacy Yes MCC8015* NCC8015* CC8015*
Sales Techniques Yes MCC8016* NCC8016* CC8016*
Successful Career Transitions Yes MCC8038* NCC8038* CC8038*
Workplace Essentials Yes MCC8017* NCC8017* CC8017*

*50% or more of the certificate/degree may be completed online
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