CERTIFICATES and DEGREES Locally Approved Cert. State Approved Cert. Associate Degree Moreno Valley Norco Riverside
Administration of Justice
Administration of Justice Yes Yes MAS504*/B*/C*MCE504 AS504*B*/C* CE504
Administration of Justice/Basic Correctional Deputy Academy Yes MCE923
Administration of Justice/Basic Public Safety Dispatch Yes MCE940
Administration of Justice/Corrections Yes MAS932*/B*/C*
Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement Basic Peace Officer Academy Intensive Yes Yes MAS931/B/C MCE931
Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement Basic Peace OfficerModular Academy Yes Yes MAS922/B/C MCE922
Corrections Yes CE943*
Crime Scene Investigation Yes NCE619* CE619*
Investigative Technician Yes CE980*
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Building Automation Control Yes CE944
Building Energy Systems Professional in HVAC Technology Yes AS945/B/C
HVAC Commercial Technology Yes Yes AS946/B/C CE946
HVAC Residential Technology Yes Yes AS947/B/C CE947
Residential Installation Yes CE948
American Sign Language
Sign Language Interpreting Yes Yes AS505/B/C CE505
Applied Digital Media and Printing
Basic Graphic Communication Yes CE949
Basic Graphic Design Yes MCE939* CE939
Graphic Design and Digital Media Yes Yes AS950/B/C CE950
Graphic Design and Printing Yes Yes AS653/B/C CE653
Electronic Publishing and Design Yes CE951
Motion Graphics and 3D Animation Yes CE952
Architectural Graphics Yes NAS983*/B*/C* NCE983*
Animation Yes CE973
Visual Communications - Illustration Yes CE825
Automotive Technology
Automotive Collision Repair Yes Yes AS953/B/C CE953
Automotive - Electrical and Electronics Specialist Yes Yes AS991/B/C CE991
Automotive Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Yes Yes AS954/B/CCE954
Automotive - Powertrain Specialist Yes Yes AS990/B/C CE990
Automotive Trim and Upholstery Yes Yes AS516/B/CCE516
Automotive Refinishing and Paint Yes Yes AS955/B/CCE955
Automotive Technology - Engine Performance Specialist Yes Yes AS974/B/C CE974
Automotive Technology - Undercar Specialist Yes Yes AS975/B/C CE975
California Naturalist Yes NCE894
Business Administration
Business Administration: Accounting Concentration Yes Yes MAS523*/B*/C* MCE523* NAS523*/B*/C* NCE523* AS523*/B*/C* CE523*
Business Administration: General Business Concentration Yes Yes MAS524*/B*/C* MCE524* NAS524*/B*/C* NCE524* AS524*/B*/C* CE524*
Business Administration: Human Resources Concentration Yes Yes AS623*/B*/C* CE623*
Business Administration: Logistics Management Concentration Yes Yes NAS580*/B*/C* NCE580*
Business Administration: Management Concentration Yes Yes MAS521*/B*/C* MCE521* NAS521*/B*/C* NCE521* AS521*/B*/C* CE521*
Business Administration: Marketing Concentration Yes Yes MAS525*/B*/C* MCE525* AS525*/B*/C* CE525*
Business Administration: Real Estate Concentration Yes Yes MAS527*/B*/C* MCE527* NAS527*/B*/C* NCE527* AS527*/B*/C* CE527*
General Business Yes CE878*
Gig Economy Yes CE872*
Human Resources Yes CE868*
International Business Yes CE929*
Management Yes CE877*
Marketing Yes CE879*
Project Management Professional Yes MCE984
Real Estate Practice Yes CE873*
Real Estate Salesperson and Transaction Yes NCE854* CE869*
Registered and Small Business Income Tax Preparer Yes NCE858*
Small Business Accounting Yes MCE859* NCE859* CE859*
Small Business Payroll Accounting Yes MCE860* NCE860* CE860*
Community Interpretation
Community Interpretation Yes Yes MAS557/B/C MCE557
Computer Applications & Office Technology
Administrative Office Professional Yes CE637*
Business Information Worker Yes Yes NAS522*/B*/C* NCE522*
Business Information Worker Yes MCE522* CE522*
Data Quick Start Yes CE992*
Executive Office Management Yes Yes AS639*/B*/C* CE639
Executive Office Professional Yes CE635*
Legal Administrative Professional Yes CE611*
Office Assistant Yes CE633*
Computer Information Systems
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Yes CE957*
C++ Programming Yes NCE803*
C++ Programming Yes CE971*
CISCO Networking Yes CE920*
Computer Applications Yes Yes MAS726*/B*/C* MCE726*
Computer Programming Yes Yes MAS728*/B*/C* MCE728* NAS728*/B*/C* NCE728* AS728*/B*/C* CE728*
Cyber Defense Yes AS969*/B*/C*
Graphic Design Yes Yes NAS647*/B*/C* NCE647*
Information Assurance Auditing Yes MCE896*
Information Security and Cyber Defense Yes CE740*
Information Technology Yes MCE958* CE958
Java Programming Yes NCE809*
Java Programming Yes CE742*
Simulation and Gaming: Game Art Yes Yes MAS739*/B*/C* CE739*
IT Technician Pathway: Cybersecurity Analyst Yes MCE985*
IT Technician Pathway: Cybersecurity Specialist Yes MCE936*
IT Technician Pathway: Cybersecurity Healthcare Specialist Yes MCE986*
IT Technician Pathway: IT Systems Specialist Yes MCE937*
IT Systems Support and Sales Yes MCE905* CE905*
Python Programming Yes MCE938*
Web Master: Web Designer Yes MCE933* CE933*
Web Master: Web Developer Yes MCE934* CE934*
Construction Technology
Construction Management Yes Yes NAS906/B/C NCE906
Construction Technology Yes Yes NAS532/B/C NCE532
Barbering Concepts Yes CE959
Cosmetology Yes Yes AS534/B/C CE534
Cosmetology Business Administration: Entrepreneurial Concentration Yes Yes AS537*/B*/C* CE537*
Cosmetology Business Administration: Management and Supervision Concentration Yes Yes AS535*/B*/C* CE535*
Cosmetology Concepts Yes CE960
Cosmetology: Instructor Training Yes CE675
Esthetician Yes CE674
Esthetician Concepts Yes CE961
Hairstyling Concepts Yes CE962
Manicuring Concepts Yes CE963
Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Yes Yes AS561/B/C CE561
Baking and Pastry Yes Yes AS909/B/C CE909
Dance Yes AA976/B/C
Pilate's Dance/Conditioning Instructor Yes CE981
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant Yes MAS621/B/CCE621
Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene Yed MAS724/B/C
Drafting Technology
Drafting Technology Yes Yes NAS539*/B*/C* NCE539*
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education Yes Yes MAS544*/B*/C* MCE544* NAS544*/B*/C* NCE544* AS544*/B*/C* CE544*
ECE/Assistant Teacher Yes MCE795* NCE795* CE795*
ECE/Twelve Core Units Yes MCE797* NCE797* CE797*
Early Childhood Intervention Assistant Yes Yes MAS601*/B*/C* MCE601* NAS601*/B*/C* NCE601* AS601*/B*/C* CE601*
Infant and Toddler Specialization Yes MCE681* CE681*
Education, Human Development and Special Needs Yes AA881C*
Educational Paraprofessional Yes Yes MAS603*/B*/C* MCE603* AS603*/B*/C* CE603*
Digital Electronics Yes Yes NAS656/B/C NCE656
Electrician Yes Yes NAS766/B/C NCE766
Electrician Apprenticeship Yes Yes NAS485/B/C NCE485
Green Technician Yes NCE856
Sound and Communication Systems Installer Apprenticeship Yes Yes NAS644/B/C NCE644
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Technician Yes MCE935
Paramedic Yes Yes MAS585*/B*/C* MCE585*
Energy Systems Technology
Building Inspection Technology Yes CE964*
Zero Net Energy Yes CE965*
Engineering Technology
3-D Mechanical Drafting Yes NCE863
Engineering Graphics Yes NCE796
Pre-Engineering Yes NAS763 NAS764 (CSUGE) NAS765 (IGETC)
English As A Second Language
English As A Second Language Yes MCE866*
Entrepreneurship Yes Yes AS531*/B*/C*
Entrepreneurship Yes CE874*
Entrepreneurial Essentials Yes MCE977* NCE977* CE977*
Entrepreneurial Foundations Yes MCE978* NCE978* CE978*
Entrepreneurship and the Team Yes MCE979* NCE979* CE979*
Entrepreneurship: Getting Started Yes NCE861*
Entrepreneurship: Legal and Fiance NCE864*
Film, Television and Video
Basic Television Production Yes CE842
Production Specialist Yes Yes AS641/B/C CE641
Fire Technology
Fire Technology Yes Yes MAS555*/B*/C* MCE555*
Firefighter Academic Yes Yes MAS669/B/C MCE669
Fire Service Leadership Yes Yes MAS895/B/C MCE895
Game Development
3D Game Modeling and Animation Yes Yes NAS972*/B*/C* NCE972*
Game Concept Art Yes Yes NAS971*/B*/C* NCE971*
Game Design Yes Yes NAS685*/B*/C* NCE685*
Game Development Core Yes Yes NAS970*/B*/C* NCE970*
Game Programming Yes Yes NAS691*/B*/C* NCE691*
Kinesiology/Exercise, Sport & Wellness
Athletic Training Emphasis Yes Yes AS597/B/C CE597
Coaching Emphasis Yes Yes AS599/B/C CE599
Fitness Professionals Yes MCE989
Fitness Professions Emphasis Yes Yes AS595/B/C CE595
Logistics Management
Logistics Management Yes Yes NAS579*/B*/C* NCE579*
Manufacturing Technology
Computer Numerical Control Programming Yes Yes NAS655/B/C NCE655
Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Operator Yes NCE966
Conventional Machine Operator Yes NCE865
Facilities Maintenance Yes Yes NAS771/B/C NCE771
Industrial Automation Yes Yes NAS737/B/C NCE737
Manufacturing Technician I Yes NCE968
Manufacturing Technician II Yes Yes NAS967/B/C NCE967
Medical Assisting
Admin/Clinical Medical Assisting Yes Yes MAS718*/B*/C* MCE718*
Medical Transcription Yes Yes MAS701*/B*/C* MCE701
Music Yes MAA564/B/C NAA564/B/C AA680/B/C
Jazz Performance Yes CE926
Guitar Performance Yes MCE930*
Music Performance Yes CE927
Music Technology Yes CE928
Piano Performance Yes CE925
Music Industry Studies
Music Industry Studies: Audio Production Yes Yes NAS684*/B*/C* NCE684
Music Industry Studies: Performance Yes Yes NAA645/B/C NCE645
Critical Care Nurse Yes CE581
Nursing Assistant Yes CE584
Registered Nursing Yes AS921/B/C
Vocational Nursing Yes Yes AS588/B/C CE588
Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies Yes AS591*/B*/C*
Photography Yes Yes AS592/B/C CE592
Retail Management /WAFC
Retail Management/WAFC Yes Yes NAS536*/B*/C* NCE536*
Social Work, Human Services & Counseling Practices
Behavioral Therapist Yes MCE897*
Careers in Social Work Yes MCE898*
Child Welfare Yes MCE899*
Drug and Alcohol Studies Yes MCE900*
Employment Support Specialization Yes MCE802*
Family Studies Yes MCE901*
Military Social Work Yes MCE903*
Multicultural Counseling Yes MCE904*
Social Justice Systems Studies Yes MCE988*
Social Work, Human Services & Counseling Practices Yes Yes MAS987*/B*/C*MCE987*
Social Work Administration Studies Yes MCE917*
Supply Chain Automation
Supply Chain Automation Yes Yes NAS924/B/C NCE924
Musical Theatre Yes CE915
Technical Theatre Yes CE914
Welding Technology
Welding Technology Yes Yes AS606/B/C CE606
Pipe Welding Yes CE982
Stick Welding (SMAW) Yes CE824
TIG Welding (GTAW) Yes CE819
Wire Welding (FCAW, GMAW) Yes CE818

*50% or more of the certificate/degree may be completed online
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