The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer degree is a curricular pattern designed specifically to transfer students as English majors with junior status to the CSU system. Though the Associate in Arts in English for Transfer also provides broad general preparation for English majors entering any four-year university, students must consult the specific requirements of any non-CSU campus to which they are applying. Students earning the Associate in Arts in English for Transfer will analyze, interpret, and synthesize diverse texts in order to construct well-supported academic arguments and literary analyses, and they will encounter interpretive questions to which there are multiple plausible answers. Students earning this degree will also have exposure to a variety of literary genres and periods and will be able to illustrate a basic understanding of the ways that literature can embody cultural, intellectual, and artistic trends.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Think critically about and interpret literature, employing language and methods of literary analysis to construct interpretive arguments and to address the ways that literature invites multiple interpretive possibilities.
  • Write essays of literary analysis effectively supported by effectively integrated, interpreted, and relevant textual evidence.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how cultural history informs and is informed by literature. 
Required Courses (19 units) Units
ENG-1B*/1BH*      Critical Thinking and Writing/Honors 4
Electives A Choose from list A below 6
Electives B Choose from list B below 6
Electives C Choose from list C below 3
Electives - List A (6 units) Units
ENG-6* British Literature I: Anglo-Saxon through Eighteenth Century 3
ENG-7* British Literature II: Romanticism through Modernism/Post-Modernism 3
ENG-14* American Literature I: Pre-Contact through Civil War 3
ENG-15* American Literature II: 1860 to the Present 3
ENG-40* World Literature I: From Ancient Literatures to the Seventeenth Century 3
ENG-41* World Literature II: Seventeenth Century Through the Present 3
Electives - List B (6 units) Select any course from list B or any course not used in list A Units
ENG/HUM-8* Introduction to Mythology 3
ENG-11* Creative Writing 3
ENG-16* Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENG-44* Poetry from the Twentieth Century to the Present 3
Electives - List C (3 units) Select any course from list C or any course not used in list A or B Units
ENG-9* Introduction to Shakespeare 3
ENG-10 Special Studies in Literature 3
ENG-12* Special Studies in Creative Writing 3
ENG-17A Literary Magazine Production: Beginning 3
ENG-18* Survey of Native American Literature 3
ENG-20* Survey of African American Literature 3
ENG/HUM-23* The Bible as Literature 3
ENG-25* Latinx Literature of the United States 3
ENG-30* Children’s Literature 3
ENG-34* Literature by Women 3
ENG-35* Images of Women in Literature 3
ENG-38 Introduction to Screenwriting 3
ENG-39 Screenwriting II 3
ENG-45* Modern Drama 3
ENG-47 Inlandia: Regional Writing about the Inland Empire 3
ENG-48* Short Story and Novel from the Twentieth Century to the Present 3

*Courses may also be used to fulfill general education requirements for the CSUGE or IGETC pattern, please confer with a counselor.

Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer degree will be awarded upon completion of 60 California State University (CSU) transferable units including the above major requirements and the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or California State University General Education (CSUGE) requirements and with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better (or a “P” if taken as Pass/No Pass).