The Associate in Arts in Anthropology for Transfer degree is designed to prepare the student for transfer to institutions of higher education and specifically intended to satisfy the lower division requirements for the baccalaureate degree in Anthropology at a California State University. It will also provide the student with a sufficient academic basis from which to pursue a career in the social science professions. The student will be afforded the opportunity to study the nature of the human diversity from a genetic, archeological, linguistic and cultural basis. The breadth of Anthropology will be examined to include the historical and contemporary theory and research as the basis from which to gain an in-depth awareness and understanding of humans and the world in which we live.

 Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply the holistic and comparative perspective inherent in anthropological knowledge to real world problems.
  • Use information resources and technology to research current issues in all four subfields of anthropology.
  • Synthesize and integrate theoretical perspectives specific to anthropology and general to the social and natural sciences.
Required Courses (18-19 units) Units
ANT-1*/1H* Physical Anthropology/Honors 3
ANT-2*/2H* Cultural Anthropology/Honors 3
ANT-6* Introduction to Archaeology 3
Electives - A Choose from list A below 3-4
Electives - B Choose from list B below 3
Electives - C Choose from list C below 3
Electives - List A (3-4 units)  Units
ANT-3* Prehistoric Cultures 3
MAT-12*/12H* Statistics/Honors 4
Electives - List B (3 units) Units
GEG-1*/1H* Physical Geography 3
GEG-2* Human Geography 3
Electives - List C (3 units) Units
ANT-4* Native American Cutures 3
ANT-5* Cultures of Ancient Mexico 3
ANT-7* Anthropology of Religion 3
ANT-8* Language and Culture 3
ANT-10 Forensic Anthropology 3

*Courses may also be used to fulfill general education requirements for the CSUGE or IGETC pattern, please confer with a counselor.

Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
The Associate in Arts in Anthropology for Transfer degree will be awarded upon completion of 60 California State University (CSU) transferable units including the above major requirements and the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or California State University General Education (CSUGE) requirements and with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better (or a “P” if taken as Pass/No Pass).