Riverside Community College District uses the letter system of grading the quality of work performed by students. The following grades are used “A”, excellent; “B”, good; “C”, satisfactory; “D”, passing, less than satisfactory; “F”, failing; “FW”, failing due to cessation of participation in a course after the last day to officially withdraw from a course; “I”, incomplete; “IP”, in progress; “RD”, report delayed; “P”, pass; “NP”, no pass; “W”, formal withdrawal from the college or a course; "EW" (excused withdrawal); “MW” (military withdrawal). 

An “I” is given only in cases where a student has been unable to complete academic work for unforeseeable, emergency and justifiable reasons. The condition for removal of the “I” shall be stated by the instructor in a written contract submitted online on WebAdvisor/MyPortal. A copy of this Incomplete Contract will be sent to the student’s college email and is also available on WebAdvisor/MyPortal. A final grade shall be assigned when the work stipulated has been completed and evaluated, or when the time limit for completing the work has passed. The “I” may be made up no later than one year following the end of the term in which it was assigned. The “I” symbol shall not be used in calculating units attempted nor for grade points. The “I” symbol will be changed to the grade the instructor has predetermined if the student does not meet the conditions of the agreement.

Military Withdrawal
Military withdrawal occurs when a student who is a member of an active or reserve United States military service receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses. Upon verification of such orders, a withdrawal symbol may be assigned at any time after the period established by the governing board during which no notation is made for withdrawals. Military withdrawals are not counted in progress probation and dismissal calculations. A “W” incurred during the period between January 1, 1990 and the effective date of this paragraph, which meet the definition of military withdrawal herein, are not counted in progress probation and dismissal calculations and may be changed to “MW”.

Students should refer to WebAdvisor/MyPortal for withdrawal deadlines.

Grade Points
On the basis of scholarship grades, grade points are awarded as follows: “A”, 4 points per units of credit; “B”, 3 points per unit of credit; “C”, 2 points per unit of credit; “D”, 1 point per unit of credit; “F” or “FW”, no points per unit of credit. On computing the grade point average, units attempted are not charged and grade points are not awarded for the following: “I”, “W”, “NP”, “P”, “IP”, “RD”, "EW" or “MW.”

Grade Changes
Students have one year following the term in which the grade was recorded to request a change of grade. After the one-year limit, the grade is no longer subject to change. Students must file an Extenuating Circumstances Petition (ECP) with the Admissions and Records office at one of the three Colleges.

Extenuating Circumstances Petition
This petition is for students who encounter situations involving extenuating circumstances, emergencies that may affect their education records and fall outside the realm of normal college policy and procedures. Failure to be aware of deadlines and expected failure in a course are not acceptable reasons for filing an Extenuating Circumstances Petition. The student bears the burden and is responsible for showing that grounds exist for the Extenuating Circumstances Petition (ECP). Students have one year following the term in which a grade was submitted to request a change of grade.

Auditing Classes
RCCD offers students the option of auditing courses. Instructions for auditing are as follows:

  • Students may not audit a class unless he/she has exhausted all possibilities to repeat the class for credit.
  • Permission to audit a class is done at the discretion of the instructor and with instructor’s signature.
  • When auditing, student shall not be permitted to change his/her enrollment in that course to receive credit.
  • With the instructor’s signature and permission, a credit student may switch his/her enrollment to audit status as long as no more than 20 percent of the course has been completed.
  • With the instructor’s signature and permission, a student may enroll in a course for audit at any time during the semester if he/ she has not enrolled in that course for credit during the same semester.
  • No student will be allowed to enroll for audit prior to the first day of the course. The first day of the course refers to the actual course meeting.
  • Credit students have priority over auditors. If a course closes after an auditor has been admitted, the auditor may be asked to leave to make room for the credit student. Instructor’s discretion is strongly recommended.
  • The audit fee is $15 per unit. Students enrolled in 10 or more semester units may audit an additional 3 units free (may be 3 one-unit courses). The $15 per unit audit fee will automatically be charged if the student drops below 10 units.

Students wishing to audit should be aware that audited classes will not appear on the RCCD transcript. Forms and information are available at the Admissions offices on the Riverside City, Moreno Valley and Norco colleges.

Pass/No Pass Classes
Discipline faculty are responsible for determining the appropriate Pass/No Pass option for each course. All sections of the course must be offered in the same manner. Courses may be offered for Pass/No Pass in either of the following categories and will be specified in the catalog:

  • Class sections wherein all students are evaluated on a Pass/No Pass basis.
  • Courses in which each student has the option to individually elect Pass/No Pass or letter grade. Students electing this option must file a petition in Admissions at Riverside, Moreno Valley, or Norco by the end of the second week of the semester or by the end of the first 20 percent of a shorter-than-semester term.

Units earned on a Pass/No Pass basis in accredited California institutions of higher education or equivalent out-of-state institutions are counted in satisfaction of community college curriculum and graduation requirements.

Units earned on a Pass/No Pass basis are not used to calculate grade point averages. Although no grade points are earned, a pass grade is granted through RCCD for performance that is equivalent to the letter grade of "C" or better. However, units attempted for which NP is recorded are considered in probation and dismissal procedures. Students should consult with a counselor before changing the grading option on a course. Other institutions may have unit or other restrictions regarding the acceptance of Pass/No Pass.

Final Examinations - Final Grades
Final semester exams are required in all classes at the scheduled time and place. Failure to appear for a final examination may result in an “F” grade in the course. Final grades may be obtained on WebAdvisor/MyPortal immediately after they are submitted by the instructor.