Student Activities provides high quality experiences that compliment and enhance the unlimited opportunities for student involvement, leadership, and personal exploration while promoting a college environment that is respectful, safe, inclusive, and collegial. Riverside City College strongly encourages student participation. Student Activities is made up of the following programs and services:

  • Support for the Associated Students of Riverside (student government)
  • Support for campus clubs and organizations
  • Campus social, recreational, cultural, and educational programming
  • Community service and volunteer activities
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • On-campus events
  • Food Pantry

Clubs and Organizations
The ASRCC sponsors many clubs/organizations. There are honorary, social services, professional, and general interest clubs/organizations. Membership to these organizations is open to all paid members of the ASRCC. Students are encouraged to join campus organizations or form new organizations.

Opportunities for student involvement, leadership, and personal exploration are offered to all RCC students. The Student Activities office is located on the second level of the Bradshaw Building. For more information please call (951) 222-8570.

  1. Athletics
    1. Student Athlete Advisory Council
    2. Student Athletic Training
  2. Career
    1. Auto Club
    2. Culinary Club
    3. Law Society
    4. Leading Educators of Tomorrow
  3. Departmental
    1. Art Club
    2. Auto Club
    3. Business Leaders of Tomorrow
    4. Biological Sciences
    5. Graphix Club
    6. Photo Club
    7. Student Nurses Organization
  4. Honor/Service
    1. Alpha Gamma Sigma
  5. Religious
    1. LDSSA
    2. Christians on Campus
    3. Catholic Student Fellowship
  6. Multicultural/Ethnic
    1. Puente
    2. International Club
    3. Ujima Project
  7. Special Interest
    1. Marching Tigers
    2. Model United Nations
    3. Muse
    4. RCC Dancers
    5. Sexuality and Gender Awareness
    6. Student Sustainability Collective
    7. Students Orchestrating Change
    8. Theatre

College Hour
Riverside Community College District is committed to a strong co-curricular program which is intended to complement the instructional program by offering a broader educational experience providing two “activity hours” per week: Tuesday/ Thursday. During College Hour, an extensive program of activities (e.g., lectures, giveaways, films) is provided by the ASRCC. A master calendar of these events is maintained in the Student Activities office.

Dean of Student Life
The Dean of Student Life department is comprised of several student support programs. The department supports all aspects of student engagement and success at the College and works directly with Athletics, Student Activities, Health and Psychological Services, La Casa, and Ujima. In addition, the departments host a variety of equity and diversity programs and events. For more information, please contact the Dean of Student Life at (951) 328-3612. 

Dean of Student Services
The College Dean of Student Services department is comprised of several student support programs and responsibilities. In addition the Dean’s department hosts a variety of support, equity, and diversity events for the College. For more information please call (951) 222-8073. 

Educational Services – Social
Student clubs and organizations give a major part of their time for improvement of the campus and community through service projects. Although social events are planned throughout the year, the primary goal is to maintain high scholastic standards. Clubs and organizations also exist to provide various kinds of service to the College and to the larger community as well. 

FERPA - Directory Information
Riverside Community College District adheres to the policies of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when establishing and maintaining education records. Although the District applies the provisions of FERPA in a strict manner, the law allows the District to release student directory information. RCCD, based on FERPA regulations, designates as directory information the following: student’s name, major field of study, dates of attendance, enrollment status, (e.g., full time/part time), participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, and degree and awards received.

Students have the opportunity to request that their directory information be maintained as confidential. In completing the admission application, students are provided this opportunity. Students who are continuing students with RCCD may go to the Student Services office at Moreno Valley or Admissions and Records at Norco College or Riverside City College and request to have directory information withheld.

The complete Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA may be found at

Honor Society
Riverside Community College District had its own honor society from 1921 until 1953. In the spring of that year, the College was granted membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma, the California Community College honor society. Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter of Riverside Community College was granted its charter on May 8, 1953.

Entering freshmen may join Alpha Gamma Sigma with a temporary membership if they are life members of the California Scholarship Federation. Riverside Community College District students are eligible with a cumulative Riverside Community College District grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above.

Smoking Policy
Smoking of any form of tobacco or non-tobacco products is prohibited on District grounds, in all District vehicles, at any activity or athletic event and on all property owned, leased, or rented by or from the District, unless a tobacco use area has been designated.

Student Government
Riverside City College has one of the most active student government programs in the country. In addition, the Associated Students produce a Homecoming extravaganza, Halloween Town, and many other successful activities.

The student government is responsible for representing the social, political, and educational concerns of our students. The main purpose of student government is to provide student leaders with skills beyond what they learn in the classroom. Interpersonal communication, budget control, entrepreneurial skills, creativity, and activity planning are just a few of the skills that our very active student leaders learn.

Students can become involved in ASRCC either by running for office or by applying for the various appointed positions, committees or by becoming involved in a wide range of other activities. An extensive program of activities is provided by the ASRCC. A calendar of these events is maintained in the Riverside Bradshaw Center as well as the Student Government Center located outside of the Cafeteria. New and exciting activities are always planned. Please stop by and find out how you can get involved. You may also check out our website at