The Riverside City College Counseling department provides a supportive, student-centered, and holistic approach to education that seeks to maximize the potential of each individual student with integrated student support services. As student advocates and consultants to the college community we are committed to fostering a professional environment that stimulates learning, respects diversity, and promotes the development and success of students in accordance with the guided pathways framework. Riverside Counseling faculty are committed to:

  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in our profession
  • Promoting students’ academic, social, and emotional success
  • Empowering students to be positive change agents in our global world
  • Sustaining a campus environment that supports the holistic development of each student Counselors work with students in planning and achieving their personal, educational, and career/vocational goals through:
  • Individual counseling appointments, express/drop-in counseling, online counseling.
  • Online Orientation
  • Welcome to College In-Person Workshops
  • Student Educational Plans (SEPs)
  • Academic progress/probation/dismissal counseling
  • Transfer course selection for UC, CSU and private universities
  • Information on certificate and associate degree requirements
  • Instruction of guidance courses
  • Referrals to other support services
  • Career exploration
  • Assessment and interpretation of career inventories
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Transcript evaluation and interpretation
  • Support the Guided Pathways and Engagement Centers

RCC Counseling Career and Transfer Center
Career and Transfer Center is located in the Dr. Charles A. Kane (CAK) Student Services and Administration Building, Office #101.  For more information please call (951) 222-8446.

Career Center
The Riverside City College’s Career Center mission is to enhance student success by providing services that will help students become active participants in the career development process. The Career Center prepares students on how to make informed career choices based on personality, skills, goals and values as well as a host of other resources and services.

 Career Center Services:

  • Career Assessments and Interpretations
  • Career Counseling
  • One-on-One Career Exploration assistance
  • Career Workshops
  • Computer access to utilize internet resources, researching majors, writing resumes, interviewing assistance, researching occupations, labor market information, and career planning
  • Guest speakers from different career fields
  • Library of books and materials related to the job market, career trends and career fields

Career Center Contact Information
For more information please call: (951) 222-8446
RCC Career Email:

RCC Career Website:

Transfer Center
The Riverside City College’s Transfer Center mission is to increase the transfer function and the number of students applying for transfer to baccalaureate-level institutions. This is accomplished through coordination of college transfer efforts, with an emphasis on the preparation and transfer of underrepresented students, including disabled students, low-income students, first-generation college students, Veterans, international, and other groups of students underrepresented in the transfer process.

Transfer Center Goals:
Coordinate college transfer efforts to provide quality transfer services, programs, and activities that support student success.

  1. Increase the number of students who choose to transfer and who are prepared to transfer, and ensure the inclusion of low-income, disabled, and first-generation college students.
  2. Work corroboratively with college governing boards, administrators, academic senates, university representatives, and campus programs to ensure that quality transfer services are available to students.
  3. Develop a practice of monitoring and evaluating student outcomes by compiling data in collaboration with the RCC Research department.

Transfer Center Services:
The Transfer Center provides many services, resources, programs, and information to students who are interested in transferring to four-year colleges/universities, including:

  • Learning about different campuses and their programs and admissions process.
  • Classroom presentations geared to engage students about options and opportunities for transfer.
  • Counseling appointments from four-year college and university representatives.
  • RCC counselors, university representatives, and staff can assist students in exploring majors and determining what college/university is the best fit.
  • Computer access to utilize Internet resources, complete college/university applications, and view college/university information online.
  • Transfer Workshops focusing on the UC/CSU application process, and tips on answering the UC Personal Insight Questions.
  • Transfer Workshops focusing on out-of-state and private institutions.
  • Transfer Fairs are coordinated by the Transfer Center every fall and spring term where over 35-60 college and university representatives are present.
  • A Transfer Recognition Ceremony is held every spring term to recognize students who have successfully fulfilled the transfer requirements and who received acceptance notices to a four-year college/university.



  • Books and college handouts to assist in major and college/university campus selection.
  • Internet access for online admissions applications
  • Monthly calendar of events/workshops/university representatives in the Transfer Center.
  • Advertisement of events via social media.

Transfer Center Contact Information

For more information please call: (951) 222-8446
RCC Transfer Email:
RCC Transfer Website:

How to schedule an appointment with a counselor:
New students may make an appointment with a counselor after completing their application to RCC including the placement survey and receiving their abbreviated educational plan/Trailhead courses. The orientation and viewing of their abbreviated educational plan can be completed through MyPortal/WebAdvisor. Riverside City College students may call the counseling department at (951) 222-8440 to schedule an appointment or can schedule online at Counseling hours vary by term. The Counseling department is located on the second floor of the Dr. Charles A. Kane (CAK) Student Services and Administration Building. It is important that students meet with a counselor prior to completing 15 units to complete their comprehensive Student Educational Plan.