The academic renewal procedure will permit previously recorded substandard coursework taken at RCCD to be disregarded in the computation of Riverside Community College District grade point averages. Petitions are available in the Admissions offices of the Riverside, Moreno Valley and Norco colleges. The policies are as follows:

  1. A student may request academic renewal for not more than two terms of grades and credits which are not reflective of a student’s present ability and level of performance.
  2. At least two semesters of college work (24 units) with a grade point average of 2.0 must have been completed at any accredited college or university subsequent to the term(s) to be disregarded in calculating the GPA obtained at RCCD. (Official transcript is required.)
  3. If and when the petition is granted, the student’s permanent record will be annotated so that it is readily evident to all users of the record that no units for substandard work taken during the term(s) are calculated in the GPA will apply toward graduation or other unit commitment. However, all work will remain on the permanent record to ensure a true and complete academic history.
  4. A student may be granted academic renewal only once.
  5. A student may repeat work taken during academic renewal terms only if such repetition is necessary to allow normal progression toward an acceptable educational objective.

Course Prerequisites and Corequisites
All course prerequisites and corequisites will be enforced. This includes both required prerequisite courses.

Students who have not satisfactorily completed a prerequisite for a course will be denied admission to that course. A grade of “C” or better is required for satisfactory completion of a course which is a prerequisite to a subsequent course.

If prerequisites or corequisites were met by completing courses at another college or university, students must request that the official transcript(s) be sent to the Admissions and Records office and request a prerequisite validation of the appropriate course(s) to validate the course that will meet RCCD requirements. Prerequisite validation request forms may be obtained from the Counseling department in the Charles A. Kane Student Services and Administration Building at Riverside City College, and the Student Services offices at the Moreno Valley and Norco colleges.

Students must initiate this process well in advance of the semester in which they plan to register. Students will be informed of the results of the evaluation in a timely manner prior to the term in which they plan to enroll.