Admissions Application
Students need to apply if:

  • They have never been a student at any of the Riverside Community College District colleges,
  • They have not been in attendance at any RCCD college during the prior major term (fall or spring only),
  • They submitted an application for a future term and wish to attend a current one.

Please note students no longer need to re-apply for fall or spring terms if an application was submitted in the preceding intersession (summer or winter).

Online applications can be submitted at and take approximately 24 hours to process (excluding weekends and holidays). For information on application deadlines, visit the Admissions and Records office or RCC webpage at You may also email Computers and assistance are available in the Welcome Center.

Home College
Each applicant will be required to apply to one of the three District colleges: Moreno Valley, Norco, or Riverside City and in doing so establishes it as their “Home College.” Applicants will choose their program of study/major from those offered at the Home College as well as receive services (counseling, financial aid, Veterans support, EOPS, CalWORKs, and Student Support Services) at that location.

Applicants to one college are permitted to register for courses offered at all three colleges. All coursework completed, regardless of location, will appear on one academic record.

Important - Special programs require a supplemental application process. Please contact the special program for the application process.

Schedule of Classes
The Schedule of Classes is available online at classes can be viewed on MyPortal/WebAdvisor approximately six to eight weeks before the term begins by visiting the College website.

Priority registration is granted to eligible student Veterans, former foster youth, EOPS, DRC and CalWORKs students. In addition, college-approved groups may receive early registration access as long as criteria are met.

Effective Fall 2012 the order of registration for continuing, new and returning students was updated with Board Administrative Policy 5056 at to align with the statewide Student Success Initiative.

Registration appointment dates as well as information on holds that may restrict registration may be viewed on MyPortal/WebAdvisor at approximately 6-8 weeks before the term begins. Students can register on MyPortal/WebAdvisor on or after their scheduled appointment date and time through the end of the registration period. Students may appeal their registration appointment date due to extenuating circumstances, such as the need to complete final degree/transfer requirements during the intended term. Registration appeals may only be approved once and subsequent appeals will not be considered. Before registering, students must complete any necessary requirements; i.e., Online Orientation/Counseling. Refer to the section on Matriculation: “Are You Exempt From Matriculation?” for more information. Students with a readmit contract are limited to the prescribed unit load approved by an academic counselor.

Students can pay fees by credit card on MyPortal/WebAdvisor or mail a check or money order or pay at one of the colleges. See the Schedule of Classes, fees, and payment and refund deadlines at Your account summary can be viewed or printed on MyPortal/ WebAdvisor.

All prerequisites will be enforced during registration and must be verified by high school and/or college transcripts.

Before the beginning of the term, if a class is closed, students may place their name on a waitlist (if available). If a seat becomes available, the next eligible student is automatically added and their account is charged with enrollment and other required fees. Changes in waitlist status are emailed to the student’s college email address and are posted to the student’s MyPortal/WebAdvisor page. Waitlisting ends two days prior to the first class meeting. Waitlisted students should attend the first day of class to obtain an authorization code to add the course. Students who do not intend to remain in the class must drop from the class by the appropriate deadline. For online classes, students will need to contact the instructor through email, which can be found by clicking the blue class link on Manage My Waitlist in MyPortal/WebAdvisor.

Procedure for Adding and Dropping Classes
Once a class has begun, a student will need the instructor’s permission to add a class. Students may add classes through MyPortal/WebAdvisor at using the authorization/add code obtained from the instructor. Authorization or add codes are active from the first day of the class until the add deadline. All course adds or drops need to be completed by the deadline posted in the Class Schedule and on MyPortal/WebAdvisor.

Students may withdraw from courses prior to the drop deadlines by using MyPortal/WebAdvisor. If there is a hold restricting the use of MyPortal/WebAdvisor students may bring a completed add/drop card to the Admissions counter at Riverside City College and drop classes there. Deadlines to add, drop, and receive a refund are posted on MyPortal/WebAdvisor. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes that they no longer plan to attend.

Units for Full-Time/Part-Time Status
For full-time status, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 units of credit for the fall/spring sessions and 6 units of credit for the winter/summer sessions. Students who are enrolled in less than 12 units for fall/spring terms or less than 6 units for winter/summer are considered to be part-time. Specialized programs may have a different unit requirement for full-time status because of state mandates. The maximum number of units a student may enroll in is 18 for fall and spring and 9 for winter and summer. Students wishing to enroll in more than 18 units must have an established GPA of 3.0 or higher and have obtained counseling approval prior to registering for classes.

All students are expected to attend every session of every course in which they are enrolled. Failure to do so may indicate lack of serious purpose. Students who fail to attend the first class meeting and/or week may be dropped from the class. Religious observances and military duty, however, are excused. The student should inform their instructors prior to such an absence.

Coursework missed for unavoidable cause may be made up with the instructor’s approval. Under no circumstances will absence for any reason excuse the student from completing all the work assigned in a given course. After an absence, it is the responsibility of the student to consult with the instructor regarding the completion of missed assignments.

Face-to-Face Courses
Riverside Community College District (RCCD) has adopted the following policy with regard to attendance. Nothing in this policy shall conflict with Title 5, section 58003, 58004, that pertains to state requirements for monitoring and reporting attendance for apportionment purposes. The faculty, staff, and administration of RCCD expect all students to attend every meeting of all classes for which they are registered. Of particular importance is the first class meeting of the semester during which the Instructors of Record determine adds and drops. Students who have enrolled for a class and who do not attend the first class meeting effectively forfeit their place in the class and, as a result, may be dropped by the Instructor of Record. Furthermore, students who are late for the first meeting of the class may be forfeiting their place in the class and may be dropped by the Instructor of Record. The faculty, staff, and administration of RCCD are therefore strongly recommending that all students are present in each of their classes at the start of all of their classes and that all students should know and understand the attendance policy for every class in which they are enrolled.

Distance Education Courses
By their nature, fully online courses do not meet face-to-face, but the importance of regular student engagement and attendance as evidenced in the following ways is of particular importance for maintaining a student’s place in the class.

A student who has enrolled in an online course and does not log in and complete the initial required assignment, assessment, quiz, or discussion board post in the first week of the session may forfeit his or her place in the class, at the discretion of the Instructor of Record. Throughout the term, online students are required to regularly log in to classes for which they are registered and to complete the required assignments. Students are required to read and adhere to the attendance policy described in the syllabus of each online class for which they are enrolled.

For information on auditing classes, see the Graduation Requirements section.