Riverside City College (RCC) partners with a variety of businesses and agencies that assist students with college costs. When tuition, fees, or books are charged to an outside agency or organization, this is called Third-Party/Sponsored Billing. RCC is proud to participate in the sponsored billing programs listed below. The process and costs covered vary by program. 

Types of Third-Party Sponsors

  • Corporations, Employers and Organizations

  • International Government Programs
  • State and Federal Government Programs
  • Veterans Administration – Chapter 31 and Chapter 33

Our Partners

Amazon Career Choice is an education benefit that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere. The company pays for tuition in advance to remove the financial constraints of going back to school.

Steps for Students

  1. Apply to RCC on CCC Apply. For more information, visit the Becoming an RCC Tiger
  2. Register for classes at RCC through My Portal
  3. Apply for the Amazon Choice Program voucher on www.AmazonCareerChoice.com
  4. Email the Amazon Choice Program voucher to ThirdPartyBilling@rccd.edu from your RCC student email

RCC will process the voucher after the refund deadline and send an invoice to Amazon. Students will submit a new voucher each semester.

Students should upload reimbursable receipts to their Amazon portal as the Follett bookstore on campus does not accept the Amazon voucher at this time. Students are responsible for the costs of parking passes.

Have a question for Amazon? Go to your Career Choice Portal and select “Help” in the upper right corner.

JBS USA and Pilgrim’s are providing team members and their child dependents the opportunity to pursue their higher education dreams for associate degrees and trade certificates at community and technical colleges tuition free. The company will pay the college directly for tuition and all other fees including books, are paid for by the student.  

Visit The Better Futures Program for more information. Please direct any questions about the program to BetterFutures@jbssa.com 

Steps for Students 

  1. Complete the Better Futures Sign-Up form. You will need to complete this form each year. 
  2. When you are accepted into the program, you will receive a confirmation email from Corey Friend, Better Future Program Manager (BetterFutures@jbssa.com)
  3. Complete the Authorization to Release Student Information form and email to BetterFutures@jbssa.com each year
  4. Apply to RCC on CCC Apply. For more information, visit the Becoming an RCC Tiger page.
  5. Complete the FAFSA Form. For more information, visit the RCC Financial Aid page
  6. Register for classes at RCC through My Portal 
  7. Better Futures Program Manager sends a list of approved students each semester to ThirdPartyBilling@rccd.edu for processing.  

To obtain Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) reemployment services and benefits a group of workers must first file a petition with the U.S Department of Labor's (Department’s) TAA Program requesting certification as workers adversely affected by foreign trade. For more information, please contact the Employment Development Department. 

Steps for Students 

  1. Apply to RCC on CCC Apply. For more information, visit the Becoming an RCC Tiger page. 
  2. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to create a Student Educational Plan (SEP). This plan will outline all of the courses you plan to take.  
    • Please inform your academic counselor that you are part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program at your appointment 
    • Your academic counselor can also assist you in choosing the correct program of study
    • Your academic counselor can also assist you in choosing the correct program of study. Need help scheduling an appointment? Reach out to wearecte@rcc.edu
  3. Send SEP and Consent to Release Training Information (provided by Employment Program Representative) to wearecte@rcc.edu 
  4. Schedule meeting for Support Enrolling with a Sponsored Billing Program via RCC CTE Bookings Link and an enrollment specialist will review your training proposal with you. 
  5. Register for your classes on My Portal
  6. Submit TAA Third-Party Billing Agreement to ThirdPartyBilling@rccd.edu for processing.

Student Questions

If you need assistance with enrolling at RCC please contact our outreach department in the Welcome Center.

Processing time varies by program, as different programs have different requirements. However, we recommend students start the process at least three weeks before their registration date.

Most Vouchers/Authorizations are valid for one semester, so please make sure that you submit a new one each semester if required.

Students can email their Voucher/Authorization to ThirdPartyBilling@rccd.edu or submit the document in person at the Student Accounts/Cashier’s Office, authorizing the college to invoice their sponsor for tuition and fees charged. Please make sure to sign and date it before submitting.

Review the Voucher/Authorization provided by your Third-Party Sponsor. If the information is not included on the document, please reach out directly to your Third-Party Sponsor for clarification.

The student is responsible for any fees not covered.

No, you don’t need to pay before classes start if you submitted a Voucher/Authorization to cover the fees.  The Voucher/Authorization will be processed on your student account after the refund deadline, each semester. 

If a payment is made prior to the Voucher/Authorization being processed a refund will be issued to you within 10 weeks.

Yes, please contact the bookstore directly for further information regarding Third-Party Billing for textbooks. 

If you have any additional third-party funding questions, please contact Student Accounts Specialist Dana.Chamberlin@rcc.edu at (951) 222-8612, or the Student Accounts Office at 951-222-8604.

Methods of Payments Accepted

Riverside Community College District accepts the following forms of payment from sponsors: 

  • ACH
  • Checks 
  • Wire Transfers 

Currently, Riverside Community College District does not accept credit card payments from sponsors.

Hours and Location
8 am – 5 pm 
8 am – 6 pm 
8 am – 5 pm 
8 am – 5 pm
8 am - 5 pm

Dr. Charles A. Kane Student Services & Administration
Cashiers Office 
Fairfax Ave, Riverside, CA

Email: ThirdPartyBilling@rccd.edu

Riverside City College is prohibited by the Federal Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) from releasing class names, descriptions, transcripts, grades, financial aid information or information about other charges. The student is responsible for providing this information to the sponsoring organization if it is required.