Riverside Community College District has three independent colleges, and has shared curriculum across the district.  Information about District-wide curriculum can be found on the District Curriculum Support page of RCCD’s website.  There are two District-wide curriculum committees:

Technical Review Committee

  • This committee is responsible for initial proposal review and coordinating college curriculum agendas.
  • Committee membership includes Steven Schmidt (committee chair), Ann Pfeifle (Moreno Valley Curriculum Committee Chair), Brian Johnson (Norco Curriculum Committee Chair), Kelly Douglass (Riverside Curriculum Committee Chair), as well as faculty and staff expertise from throughout the District.

RCCD District Curriculum Committee

  • This committee is responsible for final approval and coordination of all curriculum throughout the District.
  • This committee forwards all curricular recommendations to the RCCD Board of Trustees.
  • Voting membership of this committee includes the chairs of each college curriculum committee.
    (updated 08/14/21)