Communication Studies

Communication Studies is one of the top five majors at a four-year university. Studying how humans construct and share meaning allows individuals to become communicators in different forms like public speaking, debate, and interpersonal communication.

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Cliff Ruth
Department Chair, Communication Studies
(951) 222-8368
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Communication Studies
Major Units
Typical Time to Completion
2 years
Program Map
Media and Languages
Major Units
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Typical Time to Completion
2 years
Program Requirements

If you are interested in Language and Humanities, you can explore other instructional pathways in Language and Humanities.

Need help? The Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) is one of the many resources offered at RCC. Here, student tutors are willing to help you improve your communication skills for free.

Meet our Faculty

Juan Ahumada
Juan Ahumada M.A.
Loves video games, all-you-can-eat buffets, and fishing.

Associate Professor

Angie Burkhart
Angie Burkhart
Loves true crime documentaries, Italian food, and dancing.
Assistant Professor

Joan(ie) Gibbons-Anderson
Joan(ie) Gibbons-Anderson Ph.D.
Loves See's Bordeaux chocolates, sunsets, and dogs.

Estrella (Star) Romero
Estrella (Star) Romero Ph.D.
Loves being with her four crazy
sons, hiking, and Thai food.
Associate Professor

Cliff Ruth M.A
Cliff Ruth M.A.
Loves his family, vacations, and sports. 
Department Chair

Jude Whitton
Jude Whitton Ph.D.
Loves cooking with loved ones in the kitchen together, a cold brew coffee with a side of good conversation, listening to, honoring, and sharing the stories of others.
Associate Professor

Micherri Wiggs
Micherri Wiggs M.A.
Loves Lake Mead, live music, and traveling.
Associate Professor

Lucretia Wright
Lucretia Wright M.A.
Loves karaoke, Boba Tea, and empowering her students.
Associate Professor