Supporting Successful Reentry Conference

Feb 27
Reentry Conference

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Time: 8 am-4:30 pm
Location: UC Riverside HUB

The inaugural Supporting Successful Reentry Conference is a collaboration between California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, University of California, Riverside, Riverside City College and California State University, San Bernardino. The objectives of the conference are to bring awareness to the complex barriers that carceral-impacted and system-impacted individuals face upon reentry within the Inland Empire region, the educational opportunities that are available to them, and the resources that are designed to support their success and development. Additionally, the conference will serve as a means to build partnerships among law enforcement, rehabilitative agencies, institutions of higher education, and community-based organizations that will lead to strengthening network capacity, streamlining services, and promoting higher education. The ultimate goal is to reduce recidivism in the Inland Empire and create a culture of care for those impacted by the justice system.

This one-day conference will feature leaders across the various systems of higher education, law enforcement and corrections, community-based organizations, and those with carceral experiences themselves. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to engage with leaders in the field, learn about data specific to the Inland Empire, as well as partake in conversations centered around reducing barriers for carceral-impacted and system-impacted individuals.


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Annika Anderson

Dr. Annika AndersonDr. Annika Yvette Anderson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology who teaches classes on deviant behavior, criminology, reentry, and race and ethnic relations. She received her B.A. in Public Relations from Pennsylvania State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Washington State University. Since 2016, Dr. Anderson has served as the Executive Director of Project Rebound. Project Rebound is a campus-based reentry program that supports the higher education and successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals wishing to enroll and succeed at California State University, San Bernardino. Her research interests are developmental and life-course criminology, reentry, social stratification, and race and ethnic relations. She has presented her research at numerous conferences and has several publications on crime and reentry based on research conducted in San Bernardino.

Address from the UC Riverside Robert Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies

UCR CampusThe Center of Crime & Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary academic center housed within the UCR School of Public Policy dedicated to conducting rigorous empirical research on criminal justice issues in California and beyond. This includes applied and theoretical studies that help inform evidence-based practice by providing an objective basis for policy and program improvements. The Center aims to bridge the divide between scholarship and practice by connecting its research with state- and regional-criminal justice practitioners, community-based organizations, and policymakers through contracted work, public events, stakeholder convenings, and sustained community engagement.

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