RCCD Student Research Conference

Oct 12
Honors conference

Share Your Research ON CAMPUS at RCC

The RCCD Student Research Conference provides a dynamic platform for Riverside City, Moreno Valley, and Norco College students to present their pioneering research to faculty, peers, family, and the wider academic community. Students deliver compelling 10-12 minute oral presentations in panels and breakout sessions, showcasing their dedication and findings across various disciplines.

The conference celebrates the scholarly prowess and commitment to excellence within the Riverside Community College District. We welcome all to join and witness these emerging academic leaders' remarkable contributions and discoveries.


Submit Your Abstract to: honors@student.rcc.edu by 10/20/2023

Students will submit a 250-word abstract with an accompanying references page (adhering to academic conventions such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). This abstract can be developed from a pre-existing paper, presentation, or project created initially from an RCC class or original research produced for the conference. Individual and group submissions are welcome!

Entries will include name, student ID number, college name, poster or oral presentation, and the name of a faculty member who can attest to the quality of the student's work. If submitting multiple abstracts, please indicate which one you are submitting for award consideration.

Mentor professors must also e-mail a notice of approval to Honors@student.rcc.edu indicating their support for each applicant.

If accepted, participating students will present their research on the day of the conference.


  • Chancellor's Award - $250
    Presented to the most outstanding abstract of the conference.
  • President's Award - $150+ Per College
    Presented to the most outstanding abstracts from Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Norco Colleges.


  • Late entries will not be considered for awards
  • Students with multiple submissions must indicate only one for award consideration.
  • Winning abstract for President's Awards must have been produced in a class from that specific college or have that college as their home college (i.e., no abstracts from a class at RCC can win the MVC award)

Why submit?

  • Looks excellent on transfer applications, and acceptance to the conference is a prestigious achievement.
  • Great rehearsal for future academic conferences. 
  • A friendly place to practice public speaking. 
  • Free coffee and lunch!
  • Let family and friends see how hard you've worked. 
  • Help us show off the terrific work you've been doing at RCCD!
  • A fun way to learn and share with family, friends, and faculty. 


NO! The Honors Program sponsors the RCCD Student Research Conference, but any RCCD student can submit.

If accepted, accepted students should be notified by email in mid-November.

Questions / Contact
For questions, comments, or concerns, e-mail Diana.Pell@rcc.edu