Riverside City College Viewpoints Receives Grant for News Equipment

Oct 27

The Riverside City College Viewpoints team received a $1,500 grant from the California Press Foundation to enhance their production hardware and software. The grant presentation event took place in the heart of the Viewpoints Newsroom and was attended by Viewpoints student staff, RCC President Dr. Claire Oliveros, Viewpoints faculty advisors Angela Burrell and Matt Schoenmann, and several other supporters from across the college.

In total, the California Press Foundation awarded grants to eleven campus news programs across the state, with a combined distribution of $15,100. These grants, ranging from $750 to $1,500, were designated to help these programs purchase new hardware, software, or make necessary upgrades to improve the quality of their content and delivery.

Riverside City College's Viewpoints Newsroom was honored to be among the recipients of this grant, acknowledging their dedication to producing exceptional news stories that highlight current events and top stories across the college.

During the presentation event, RCC President Dr. Claire Oliveros extended her gratitude to the California Press Foundation, emphasizing the importance of quality journalism in today's world and expressing her pride in the Viewpoints student staff for their consistent dedication to journalistic excellence.

This grant will help Viewpoints leverage the latest technology and tools, raising the bar for journalism on the Riverside City College campus.

The Viewpoints team, along with the entire RCC community, extends their sincere appreciation to the California Press Foundation for their generous support.

To learn more about Viewpoints and explore their work visit https://viewpointsonline.org.