RCC’s “IMPRESS” Student Showcase Highlights Talent and Awards Scholarships

May 27

The annual “IMPRESS” Student Showcase for Applied Digital Media and Printing at Riverside City College (RCC) celebrated the creativity and skill of graduating students from the portfolio class. The event featured a display of the students' latest work, including demonstrations of t-shirt printing, image transfers, packaging cutting, and offset printing on the state-of-the-art Heidelberg printing machine.

Special industry guests, including members of the RCC Advisory Board and local business owners, attended the showcase. This event provided a valuable platform for students to present their portfolios and network with potential employers, setting the stage for future digital media and printing careers.

A highlight of the event was awarding scholarships to Iris Meriat, a dedicated student completing the Graphic Design and Printing degree. Autajon Thoro Packaging, represented by President Claude Dardant, awarded Iris a $1,500 scholarship in recognition of her exceptional talent and hard work. In a remarkable show of support, the Print Industries Association of Southern California (PIASC), represented by Lou Caron, matched this scholarship, providing Iris with an additional $1,500.

“We are so very proud of our students. Their portfolios show their talent and skill, and it is exciting to see them present their work and meet potential employers. They have a bright future,” said Patrick Scullin, Associate Professor of Applied Digital Media and Technology at RCC.

Riverside City College is thankful to Autajon Thoro Packaging and PIASC for their generous contributions and continued support of RCC students. These scholarships do more than recognize students' hard work and talent; they are pivotal in helping these students overcome financial barriers, enabling them to focus fully on their educational and career aspirations.

The “IMPRESS” showcase exemplifies comprehensive education where learning goes beyond the classroom. It highlights the cutting-edge skills RCC students have acquired in digital media and printing and connects them directly with industry leaders and potential employers. By fostering such opportunities, RCC ensures that its students are not just prepared for the future but are empowered to shape it. RCC is excited to see how these experiences drive students' continued success and innovation in their respective fields.