Strengthening Student Mental Health: RCC's SHPS Collaborates with Community Partners

Feb 07

Riverside City College's Student Health and Psychological Services (SHPS) is proud to announce a significant expansion of its mental health services program aimed at better serving the diverse needs of its student body. Through strategic partnerships with 17 community organizations, SHPS is poised to provide comprehensive mental health support aligned with the California Community Colleges Mental Health and SAMHSA suicide prevention goals.

The collaboration with these partners enables SHPS to offer a wide array of services, including individual, family, and group therapy, crisis management, and wellness workshops. These services will be available both virtually and on campus, ensuring accessibility to students regardless of their location or circumstances.

The engagement with community partners marks a transformative step in SHPS's commitment to student well-being. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these organizations, SHPS aims to foster a supportive environment where students feel empowered to seek help and flourish academically and personally.

"As part of our ongoing dedication to student mental health, we are thrilled to enhance our services through these strategic partnerships," said Renee Martin-Thornton, Director of Health Services at Riverside City College. "By working collaboratively with community organizations, we can better address the diverse needs of our student population and promote a culture of holistic well-being."

Riverside City College encourages students, faculty, and staff to stay informed about further updates on SHPS's initiatives and collaborations. For more information about SHPS and its community partners, please visit