RCCD Receives Personal Protective Equipment From State

Aug 12
Personal Protective Equipment

In an effort to assist colleges and schools in fighting COVID-19 and protect faculty, staff and students, Governor Gavin Newsome approved funding personal protective equipment (PPE) for all California community colleges. RCCD received a supply of PPE this month, which is being distributed to the colleges. In addition, RCC continues to purchase safety supplies in preparation for the future opening of the campus. The following PPE and safety equipment received this month will be issued Districtwide:

  • 960 n95 masks (distributed to the District and Health Services department)
  • 50 thermometers (distributed to District, Health Services, and Child Care department)
  • 800 face shields (distributed to Health Services and Child Care)
  • 17,000 hand sanitizer bottles
  • 1,800,000 surgical masks

The College’s Facilities, Maintenance & Operations staff have also begun the process of retrofitting service areas on campus with Plexiglas and other protective barriers and more than $30,000 in new signage has been ordered, funded through CARES Act funding.