Navigating Through Grief

Apr 19
RCC Community

RCC Community FAQs and Support Information

In the wake of a recent tragedy within the RCC community, it is essential to provide support and guidance to those affected as we navigate through grief and healing together. This page serves as a resource, offering answers to frequently asked questions and information on available support services.

A tragic incident occurred involving a student at the RCC parking structure, resulting in the loss of one of our students.

The RCC community has implemented various support services, including drop-in crisis counseling sessions, additional mental health personnel at Student Health & Psychological Services (SHPS), and employee assistance programs. Additionally, links to local resources and national crisis helplines are available 24/7.
Drop-in counseling sessions are available at the MLK Building Room 203 on specific dates and times, as announced by RCC's administration. Collaborative Psychology Group-Therapists and mental health personnel are facilitating these sessions.
Yes, individuals may contact Dr. Mary Rankin at (951) 233-1461 or Mr. Kevin Wurtz at (951) 529-3028 for additional mental health counseling services. Dr. Lopez, RCC's psychologist, is also available at SHPS during specific hours.
Debriefing sessions are being organized with Riverside University Health System for both students and employees. Details for these sessions, including dates, times, and locations, have been provided by RCC's administration.
RCC is actively working with local agencies to assess facilities and infrastructure to determine the best options for improving safety within guidelines.
Yes, RCC is working with ASRCC and other student groups like La Casa to plan a vigil to honor the student's memory.
Consider sharing resources such as the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline and NAMI resources with your students. Additionally, you may find the "After a Suicide Toolkit for Schools" from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center helpful in guiding discussions and providing support.
Yes, RCC is scheduling more counseling sessions to provide ongoing support to those affected by this tragedy.