Diplomatic Triumph: RCC Model UN Team Garners International Accolades in Erfurt

Dec 08

Riverside City College's Model United Nations (MUN) team, guided by faculty advisors Dariush Haghighat and Tomás Ocampo, clinched remarkable success at the National Model United Nations conference held in Erfurt, Germany, from November 19 to 25.

Twelve students from Riverside Community College District undertook a diplomatic mission, representing their academic institutions in a gathering that convened over 200 students worldwide. Divided into two delegations, six students each represented India and Malta in committees addressing global concerns, including the General Assembly, Human Rights Council, UN Environment Assembly, and Security Council.

The hard work and commitment of the Riverside City College MUN team bore fruit as they earned accolades for their outstanding performance. The Malta delegation secured the prestigious "Distinguished Delegation" award, with Nicholas James and Lexi Blair receiving individual recognition as "Outstanding Delegates in Committee."

The India delegation received the esteemed "Honorable Mention Delegation" award, highlighting their commendable efforts in addressing critical global issues. Notably, Sonia Rana and Andrew Farah were acknowledged with the "Outstanding Position Paper" award for their exceptional written contributions.

Beyond individual achievements, six team members received the "Outstanding Position Paper" award for their exemplary policy papers submitted before the conference. This included Natalie Strain, Melisa Nguyen, Jordan Moreno, Gregory Burchett Jr., Sonia Rana, and Andrew Farah.

The National Model United Nations conference in Erfurt served as a unique platform for Riverside City College students to immerse themselves in the intricacies of international diplomacy. The conference focused on critical global issues, fostering the development of essential skills such as research, writing, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Returning home adorned with honors, the Riverside City College Model UN team's success highlights the program's caliber and the dedication and excellence of its students on the global stage. Dariush Haghighat, Tomás Ocampo, and the entire district take pride in their students' achievements, solidifying Riverside City College's reputation in the realm of Model United Nations.