Leslie Vargas on Engaging Students and Addressing Burnout

Apr 22
ccpro board

Leslie Vargas, Senior Public Affairs Officer at Riverside City College, delivered impactful presentations at the 40th Annual CCPRO Conference this April in Santa Cruz, CA. Her sessions drew significant attendance and garnered attention for their practical insights into student engagement strategies and combating burnout in college marketing and communications.

In her presentation titled "Redefining Reach: Strategies for Dynamic Student Engagement in Marketing Efforts," Vargas provided attendees with a comprehensive toolkit for revitalizing their approach to student engagement. From innovative networking techniques to deep dives into student culture, Vargas' session promised not just effectiveness but also enjoyment in marketing campaigns. With a warning for the faint-hearted, her message was clear: this presentation was for those who harbor a genuine love for students and a passion for transformative marketing.

Additionally, Vargas co-presented a session on burnout with Alex Breitler, Director of Marketing and Communication for San Joaquin Delta College. This candid discussion struck a chord with attendees, resonating deeply with those grappling with the demands of their roles in higher education, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. The overflow of attendees and the shared insights highlighted the urgency and relevance of addressing burnout in the post-pandemic landscape.

Vargas’ leadership extended to her role as Awards Chair for the CCPRO Conference, overseeing the recognition of outstanding work in marketing and communications across the 116 California community colleges. She co-hosted the awards ceremony with CCPRO President James Meier, celebrating excellence within the community college sector.

Her presentations at the CCPRO Conference showcased expertise and a commitment to advancing the field of community college communications. By offering practical insights into student engagement strategies and addressing the pressing issue of burnout, Vargas left a lasting impression on attendees.