From California to Korea: The Riverside City College Chamber Singers Take the International Stage

Mar 28
Chamber Singers Group Shot

The Riverside City College Chamber Singers recently returned home from an unforgettable tour of South Korea. The choir was invited to participate in the 7th Annual Jeju International Choir Festival and Symposium, where they performed for the people of Jeju before the festival even began. RCC was well-received by the Korean people, and they went on to perform many times throughout the festival, alongside choirs from the Philippines, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Korea.

The Chamber Singers were even asked to be part of the choral conductor's competition as the model choir. Three different conductors worked with the group through a mock rehearsal, and a winner was selected by a panel of judges, which included one of the choir's own members. Additionally, the choir's director was asked to serve as a clinician for the festival and presented a lecture on "Singing through movement." The presentation was well-received by over 200 Korean choir directors and educators.

From Jeju, the choir moved on to Icheon, where they participated in the first ever Icheon Choir Festival and Symposium. Once again, the RCC Chamber Singers were well-received and impressed the festival committee so much that they were asked to add an extra concert in a different city so that more people could enjoy their performance. The committee also selected the RCC Chamber Singers, only, to perform at one of the largest churches in Korea, Myungsung church. The choir performed in front of over 7,000 people during a service, which was one of the highlights of the tour.

Aside from their performances, the students also had the opportunity to exchange cultural experiences with Korean choirs and choirs from all over the world. They also enjoyed delightful Korean meals and had an experience they will remember for a long time.

The tour was undoubtedly a huge success for the Riverside City College Chamber Singers. They were able to showcase their talents to an international audience and make a lasting impression on the people of South Korea. The choir's director and members should be commended for their hard work and dedication, which undoubtedly paid off in the form of an unforgettable experience. It is clear that the RCC Chamber Singers have a bright future ahead of them, and we can't wait to see what they accomplish next.