Adult Education Spotlight: Riverside City College Bridges the Transition for Adult School Students

Dec 11

In a dedicated effort to support nontraditional, first-generation, and older adult students, Riverside City College (RCC) hosted a series of campus tours in collaboration with local adult schools. These tours aimed to bridge the gap between adult education and community college, providing valuable insights and resources for students pursuing diverse educational paths.

The initiative kicked off with the RCC Nursing Tour on Monday, October 16th, which was tailored explicitly for Riverside Adult School's Pharmacy Technician Program. Thirty pharmacy technician adult students had the opportunity to explore RCC's nursing facilities.

Following the success of the Nursing Tour, RCC extended its outreach to Alvord Adult School on Monday, November 6th. Sixty adult students enrolled in English as a Second Language, GED, High School Diploma, and CTE programs participated in the General Campus Tour.

The Automotive Tour, held on Tuesday, November 14th, catered to 30 adult students from Riverside Adult School's Automotive Repair Program. This unique tour provided insights into RCC's state-of-the-art automotive facilities and programs.

November 29th marked a significant day for Jurupa Adult School, with RCC hosting General Campus Tours in morning and evening sessions. The tours, accommodating 120 adult students, included those enrolled in English as a Second Language, GED, High School Diploma, and CTE programs.

The impetus behind these tours lies in the dedicated commitment to ensuring seamless transitions from adult school to community college for diverse adult student populations. As the lead Educational Advisor for Adult Education and Extended Learning (Noncredit), Kristopher Acevedo partners closely with RCC's Outreach department and works hand-in-hand with Outreach Specialists Lamar Neal and Jessica Contreras to orchestrate this transformative experience.

Notably, the collaboration also involves key figures at Riverside City College, with Dr. Adrienne Grayson, RCC Associate Dean of Educational Partnerships, and Thea Quigley, RCC Associate Dean of Career & Technical Education, playing crucial roles in the success of these initiatives.

Each campus tour involves an RCC 101 presentation specifically tailored to the unique needs of adult students. To enhance the experience, participants receive lunch or dinner and RCC swag bags filled with notebooks, pens, pennants, brochures, tote bags, drawstring backpacks, and water bottles.

All campus tours and presentations are provided in Spanish and English in order to meet the needs of adult school students.

Thanks to these immersive RCC campus tours, numerous adult students have successfully navigated the transition from adult school to the California community college level. Non-credit and credit courses/programs at RCC have played a pivotal role in empowering adult learners and fostering academic success. The collaboration between RCC and local adult schools continues to be a lamp of support and opportunity for the diverse adult student community.