RCC's Commitment to Parenting Students: Implementing AB2881

Oct 30

In response to the AB2881 mandate, Riverside City College (RCC) has proactively ensured priority registration for parenting students. This initiative, led by the Student Parent Club co-advisors Anne Lenox and Dr. Araceli Calderón in collaboration with Enrollment Services, under the leadership of Dean Kyla Teufel, has secured priority registration for the Winter/Spring 2024 term.

RCC has implemented two fundamental mechanisms to identify and support parenting students effectively. Firstly, a question concerning parenting status has been incorporated into the CCCApply college application, facilitating early identification of potential parenting students during the application process. Second, currently enrolled students can complete the Student Parent Priority Registration Eligibility Questionnaire to claim their priority registration status.

While these measures are essential, there is increasing recognition of the need for a more efficient mechanism to inform enrolled parenting students about their AB2881 rights to encourage more of them to take advantage of their entitled priority registration. In the interim, RCC is collectively working to establish a dedicated resource center as a central hub for parenting students to access the necessary guidance and referrals for academic success, including priority registration.

The commitment to support parenting students goes beyond flagging and registration priority; it encompasses a holistic approach to address their unique needs and challenges. RCC has successfully identified 2,054 parenting students during the Winter/Spring priority registration period. It is anticipated that this number will only continue to grow.

As RCC persists in addressing the intricacies of supporting parenting students in line with AB2881, its steadfast dedication remains centered on fostering an environment where Tiger students can thrive, access vital resources, and successfully pursue their educational goals.