Inquiry and Innovation: A Reflection on the 16th Annual RCCD Student Research Conference

Dec 04

In a celebration of academic achievement and intellectual exploration, the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) Honors Program successfully hosted the 16th Annual Student Research Conference on December 1st. The conference provided a platform for students from Riverside City, Moreno Valley, and Norco Colleges to showcase their diverse research projects to faculty, friends, family, and the broader academic community within the District.

Among the standout presenters was Emily Najera from Moreno Valley College, whose poster presentation on "Monitoring of Drinking Water Quality in Three Counties of Southern California" earned her the MVC/RCC President's Award. Another notable mention goes to Jesus Madrigal from RCC, who received the Chancellor's Award for his oral presentation titled "‘Come and See’: Inequality on the Streets of Riverside."

Simra Mirza, a student from RCC, received the RCC President's Award for her oral presentation entitled "The Hijabi Experience in America: Orientalism and Islamophobia." Desiree Valdez from Norco College also received recognition with the Norco President's Award for her oral presentation, "Steering Away from Conspicuous Consumption: Studying Affluent Americans Who Opt for Modest Cars."

The conference showcased an array of thought-provoking research, including Natalie Colunga from Moreno Valley College discussing "How Can Anxiety Interfere with Academic Performance?" and Devin Dadah from Norco College delving into the intersection of pop culture and history with presentations on "The Iraq War in Star Wars: Invasion, Occupation and Resistance" and "‘You Are Needed Here As Well:’ Class Struggle in Marvel’s The Vision."

The poster presentations were equally impressive, with topics ranging from the social behavior of ants presented by Katia Abdulhy from MVC to the investigation into asthma prevalence among ethnic minority populations by Mariah Contreras from RCC.

The awards presented at the conference added an extra layer of recognition to outstanding contributions. The Chancellor's Award, accompanied by a $250 prize, was presented to Jesus Madrigal for the most outstanding abstract of the conference. President's Awards, each accompanied by a $150+ prize per college, were bestowed upon Emily Najera, Simra Mirza, and Desiree Valdez for their exceptional abstracts from Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Norco Colleges, respectively.

The 16th Annual RCCD Student Research Conference provided a dynamic platform for students to share their innovative research, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment for intellectual exchange within the RCCD community. The success of the event was further supported by STEM Connect grants, showcasing the significant contributions of faculty members Virginia White and Diana Pell, alongside STEM Connect, in making this impactful conference possible.