The Fine & Performing Arts Engagement Center services students with major areas of emphasis in Art, Dance, Music and Theatre. Your Engagement Center can connect you with your Educational Advisor, Peer Mentors, FPA Counselor, and faculty advisors. We are here to answer all of your questions regarding enrollment, registration, programs of study, grade options, transfer requirements, COVID-19 updates, and workshops and events on campus.

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Your Fine & Performing Arts (FPA) Educational Advisor, Rosalina Hernandez, can help you navigate college, from using our enrollment systems to discovering all of the resources available to you, to connecting you with your faculty advisor, peer mentors, Promise Program Coordinator, academic counselor, and more. You can contact Rosalina at, or you can make an appointment with her.

Your Fine & Performing Arts (FPA) Peer Mentors are college students, like yourself, who are trained to help you navigate college from the student perspective. They are second- or third-year “experienced” students who can offer you a unique perspective on your educational journey. They are available for one-on-one and small group meetings to assist you with referrals to campus resources and student activities, as well as to chat with you about the student experience in regard to specific classes, professors, programs, and more. If you are a Promise Student, you will be assigned to a Peer Mentor, and they will be reaching out to you regularly; however, every student in FPA is encouraged to reach out to their Peer Mentors for student-to-student advice and guidance. Please make an appointment with an FPA Peer Mentor.

Finally, our Fine & Performing Arts (FPA) faculty are actively involved in their students’ educational and career plans. If you are an FPA major, you should be in contact with the faculty advisor in your area of emphasis. The list below should help you identify who the best faculty advisor is for you:




  • Jennifer Amaya ( Music Technology; Music Industry Studies; Music Production; Media Composition; Music Notation; Music Recording & Mixing; Live Sound
  • John Byun ( Voice; Choral; Music Education-Choral
  • Peter Curtis ( Guitar Performance; Class Guitar; Guitar Ensemble; Jazz Improvisation; Popular & Multicultural Music
  • Don Foster ( Clarinet; Woodwinds; Music Appreciation (non-major)
  • Jasminka Knecht ( Piano Performance; Piano Certificate; Class Piano; Music Fundamentals
  • Steven Mahpar ( Music Fundamentals, Music Theory; French horn
  • Kevin Mayse ( Trumpet; Orchestra; Wind Ensemble; Brass; Music Education-Instrumental
  • Charlie Richard ( Jazz Studies; Jazz Performance; Jazz Improvvisation; Saxophone; Woodwinds; Music Education-Instrumental; Composition/Arranging
  • James Rocillo ( Marching Band; Concert Band; Brass
  • Steven Schmidt Percussion; Music Theory; Music Composition; Undecided Music Majors/Degree Guidance