IT FAQs for RCC Employees

Thank you for visiting the Information Technology (IT) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for RCC Employees. Please contact the RCCD ServiceDesk if none of the FAQs here address your issue.

1.) How do I open a ServiceDesk ticket?

You have three options for opening a ServiceDesk ticket:

  1. RCC employees can log into the online ServiceDesk​ system and create a new Service Desk ticket.
  2. If you prefer to email the Service Desk, you may do so by sending your request to
  3. If you can't use your computer to open a ticket, call the Service Desk at x8388 (951-222-8388)

The Service Desk will need the following minimum information from you:

  1. Your name and location of the device you need serviced
  2. Updated contact information where we can reach you
  3. The RCCD Asset tag number on the sticker attached to the device
  4. A description of the work needed
  5. Symptoms from the device such as error messages, sounds, and smells

2.) How do I lock the screen on my Windows computer when I need to leave my desk?

To lock your screen on your Windows computer:

Hold down the [Windows] key, and then tap the [L] key at the same time.

3.) How can I find the key specs of my computer?

    On a Windows computer: For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 200x:

    01. Click the “Start” button
    02. Right-click either the "Computer" or “My Computer” item on the right side
    03. Click “Properties”
    04. Here you will see a list of your Computer's key specs

    For Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Server 201x:

    01. Bring your mouse cursor to bottom left corner of the desktop
    02. Right-click the icon displayed there
    03. Select “System”
    04. Here you will see a list of your Computer's key specs

    On a Mac computer:

    01. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac
    02. This will bring up a drop-down menu
    03. Pick the top option, which reads: About This Mac
    04. Here you will see a list of your Mac's key specs

4.) How do I fix windows photo viewer not opening images:

    SYMPTOMS: You try to open an image in Windows Photo Viewer and the application hangs and doesn't open the image.

    GENERAL CAUSE: At some stage your display was color calibrated using the display calibration tool in Windows 7.

    SOLUTION: As soon as you remove this calibration profile speed will return to normal.

    01. Right-click the Desktop
    02. Choose Screen Resolution
    03. Select Advanced Settings
    04. Select Color Management
    05. Selecct Color Management again
    06. Choose Advanced
    07. Change System Defaults
    08. Click on the default profile (the one you are using now) and click Remove.

    The profile should have the word 'calibrated' in it. Make sure the new default profile does not have the 'calibrated' string in it. When you click Remove you will probably note some change in the screen colors as another profile becomes the default.

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